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Need information or just want to comment on the 91st BG or B-17 aircraft?

Use this area if you are requesting information or have a comment about the 91st BG or the B-17.

The 91st BG veterans do not respond to posts on this blog, so you must include your email address in order for them to send an email directly to you after performing their research into your question.


  1. On the casualty lists:Refer to MissMinookie-Lt. Osterburg was not the pilot on that crew. Capt. Neil Ward was the pilot & my father: Lt. James P. McNulty was co-pilot. I have the squadron diary from the date they were shot down. The pilot, co-pilot, nav., bombadier & radio operator were POW & the waist-gunners, ball turret, tail gunner were kia & the flight engineer/top turret gunner's parachute failed to open & he was kia. Just wanted to set the record strait. Thanks!!

    1. To Danny McNulty : My name is Douglas Chandler. My father was Willard P. Chandler, the tailgunnr on Miss MInookie. My father survived being shot down. He was a POW in Stalag Lufts 1 & 6, till the wars end. However he passed away in 1965.

    2. To: Danny McNulty: My name is Richard E. Clarity. My uncle was Richard T. Clarity, the ball turret gunner on the Miss Minookie. I would love to have a copy of the squadron diary that you mention. Is that possible? My uncle was flying what was scheduled to be his final mission, which is what happened, but his luck ran out. His 28th or 29th mission.

    3. Richard, Have you checked out the 323rd Dallies on the website..?

  2. Jim Shepherd, Jr.March 2, 2009 at 10:39 AM

    Thanks for the info. We'll get that corrected.

  3. I am missing the name of one ship. The number of the ship was 43-39153. It flew out of Bassingbourne in 1945.

    I have my father's logs on all his bombing runs from 1945. Working with Ray Bowden (author of "Plane Names and Fancy Noses") I've been able to fill in every plane attached to each mission except for the one above. My dad's logs were short notes on the pilot, target, and a few other notes for each mission.

    And, yes, he's still alive and well. He gave me copies of his logs last Saturday when I met him for lunch.

    His "home ship" was Yankee Gal and flew most of his missions with Earl Pate as pilot. His name is Lionel Marien.

    1. There is a photo of 43-39153 DF*H on page 91 (bottom) in Paul Wagner's book The Youngest Crew, ISBN 1-878117-13-0. Paul was a B-17 pilot in the 398th BG and the photo was taken as proof that his crew joined up with the 91st BG that day to complete a mission as they had lost track of their own squadron in cloud cover. 153 shows no name on the left nose area at the time this photo was taken.

  4. I'm putting a display case together for my Dad to include all of the medals he earned as a tail gunner. There are a couple of patches I haven't been able to locate for him and also, he no longer has the wings with the two 50 caliber bullets either side of the propeller. Are those wings still available for purchase? The patches I'd like to get are the 401st Squadron patch and the 91st Bomb Group (H)-Bassingbourn patch. Also, I know the Triangle A aircraft code was special to him. Can anyone tell me if there is a patch or anything I could find depicting the Triangle A to add to the collection? Any help locating these items would be truly appreciated. Thx.

  5. Jim Shepherd, Jr.March 19, 2009 at 8:40 AM

    Mike Banta (from the 324th squadron) replied:

    The B-17 which he is looking for is 339153 324 DF H which was received in England 5 February 1945.
    I knew Earl Pate. He took over my assigned B-17, Yankee Gal, when I was assigned a new (?) B-17

  6. Referring to Miss Minookie and the pilot, this has been corrected.

  7. Looking for noseart and tail number tie ups for 91stBG

  8. I live in the UK and I'm a memeber of the SallyB crew. I'm currently in the process of writing a book about 'Nine-O-Nine'and was wondering if was possible to find out which route she flew from the States to England and which crew flew her over.
    Geoff Smith

  9. Hi I posted the request about possible info on 'Nine-O-Nine' but forgot to put my email address.
    If anyone could let me know the route '909' flew to the UK or even who flew her overit would be a fantastic addition to my book.
    Many thanks,
    Geoff Smith

  10. Referring to Danny McNulty's comment about Miss Minookie, he is absolutely correct. I confirmed this through my father, Don Murray, who was the navigator on Miss Minookie when it was shot down. Thanks Danny for setting things straight.
    p.s. Dad is still healthy and happy and so is mom.
    Craig Murray

  11. To Mike Banta :

    Thanks for the note on March 19th concerning the ship with number 43-39153. So you knew Earl Pate ? Perhaps you may also have a memory of my father Lionel Marien ? My email :

  12. If such a thing existed in the 91st, I am seeking a HQ scan of a "Lucky Bastard Club" certificate that was used by them. Anyone here have specific knowledge about this topic?


  13. Jim Shepherd, Jr.April 27, 2009 at 4:07 PM

    Rowdy -
    There is a scan of a Lucky Bastard Club certificate (for airmen flying 25 missions or more) on the 91st website at

  14. there is no photo of the crew of the Mary Ruth on the site
    if you don't have it i will sent it

  15. Jim Shepherd, Jr.April 30, 2009 at 2:48 PM


    If you can send the Mary Ruth crew photo in a digital format (preferably jpg) it would be appreciated. Email it to It you have the corresponding names of the crew in the photo, that would also be appreciated. We'll get the photo on the site as soon as we can. We're undergoing some major upgrades to the site at this time. Thanks.

  16. My grandfather was a gunner on this plane in WWII.

    His name is Richard Murphy. Anyone recognize his name here?


  17. Hi, Looking for a photograph of T/Sgt Thomas A Stevens of 401st Squadron. He was Radio Operator on 42-5132 "Royal Flush" and was taken POW on the 22nd June 1943 and held at Stalag 357. He died at Stalag 357 on 25th July 1944 and is now buried in Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, Long Island, New York. Thanks. Paul Johnson (

  18. Hi, looking to find if anyone has any pictures with George P. Ward, a navigator. He flew with pilot Kahl some, but I am not sure which plane he was with. ( I am the grandaughter of G.P. Ward. He passed on about 6 years ago.

  19. I am writing on the first anniversary of George F. Millers death (16 May 2008). George was the pilot of Yankee Belle DF-K ( Acft in top left photo on home page ). George was a great man and I wish I had met him sooner so as I could of had more time to hear his story. I cherish the items you gave me George and I'm sorry you never got the ride I promised you in the army jeep.

  20. Hi! My name is D.J. Steele and I know a member of the 91st. His name is Willis McQuain (Grand Pa Mac as I called him)and he was a crew chief for "Queenie" he is pictured on this site with the crew of "Sweet Dish." I met him when my family moved to a little town in Arizona. I was 7 or 8 at the time and had no other family so he and his wife Doris let me adopt them as my unofficial "grandparents". They were the niecest of people and I loved going to their house because Grand Pa Mac had a whole room dedicated to the 91st and B-17s, which is where I developed my love for WW2 aircraft. I remeber him telling me once he got to go up in a fortress while they were training, and they accidentally flew into a combat zone! They were chased by the Germans but they weren't attacked and made it back ok. He and his wife moved a few years ago to a retirement home in Phoenix and are doing great from what I hear. I just wanted to say what an honor it is to know someone from the U.S.'s greatest generation and give what info I could so others would know another member of the 91st.

  21. D.J. Steele. We would appreciate the new address for Willis McQuain because we only have his Flagstaff addrss. Please email me at
    Jim Shepherd

  22. Need information regarding the famous photo shoot of the "Bottisham Four" - see (four yellow nosed mustangs in flight).

    We believe it occurred on the 26th July 1944 and the photo ship was B-17 "Bomber Dear" of the 323 Squadron, 91st BG.

    Looking for more information or photos of Bomber Dear and confirmation from anyone at the 91st BG end that indeed it was Bomber Dear that was the photo ship.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Jason Webb
    361st FG Webmaster

    Contact by email at

  23. Jim Shepherd, Jr.June 9, 2009 at 10:24 AM


    I'm emailing you a photo of Bomber Dear. It's a nice close up shot. The photo will be on the website soon. Hopefully someone out there can confirm/disconfirm whether Bomber Dear was the actual photo ship in that amazing photo you have.

  24. Hi G.P. Ward's granddaughter,

    (I am posting for the 91st BG Ring)

    We are the participants in the 91st BG E-mail Ring (101 91st BG veterans, ages 82 to 97, and the 91st BGMA associate members) who answer questions for searches. We represent all periods of time that the 91st was active and so some of us can answer almost any question.
    We don't have a picture of your grandfather, George P. Ward, but we are sending you the 322nd dailies which have information on the missions the Kahl crew flew and identifies the B-17 in which they flew the mission.
    The B-17 assigned to the Kahl crew was Golden Bear. There is an article about the Golden Bear in Ray Bowden's wonderful book, "Plane Names and Fancy Noses," which can be purchased from the website (
    (exerpt from book) Golden Bear and the Kahl crew were shot down on 22 June 1943. Your grandfather was not flying with the Kahl crew that day. All crew members flying with Paul D. Kahl survived to become POWs. No photograph of the airplane seems to have survived but records indicate assignment to the group on 25 March 1943, one week after leaving Marrakesh on the southern ferry route.

  25. My Dad flew over Germany in 1943-1945 as a tailgunner. I have no other info as he only told me he flew out of England in the 'Flying Fortress B-17 as a tailgunner during the War. He is gone and so is my Mom. I would like to find a place that I can look up records on him, medals earned and the name of his plane. His name was Francis A. McCusker, age 27 when over there, tall, skinny guy nicknamed "slim" Email me at

  26. Hi, Ive been doing extensive research on Chow Hound of the 322nd Sq piloted by Lt. Jerold Newquist. I'm trying to make a model of the aircraft but have run at a dead end as I can't figure out the correct color of the noseart. If anyone knows of any photos (besides crew photo), any info, or know if any crew members are still alive, it would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Scroll through the section on "Our Story" and you should find a god picture of the Starcer nose art for Chowhound. #....367.

  27. Thanks to the invention of the computor, I found
    the facts surrounding one of my memories as a 13
    year old. My girlfriend and I had heard about the plane crash and the next day we hopped on our bikes and headed for Woodside Avenue. After crossing the bridge over Southern State Parkway we stopped, there was the twisted metal at the site in Greenfield Cemetary. Airmen were working there and I remember saying a prayer and feeling
    a pit in my stomach. We cried on our way home and wished we had not gone. As it was so sad to realize Servicemen had died there. Years later when I had to select a location in Greenfield, I
    was taken to that area, but I could not forget that scene. Mary Ruth brought the story to life and gave names and faces to those man that made a heroic decision. I remember visiting the Mitchel Field Air Force base and also watching the planes come in for landings at Salsbury Park,
    remarking how great it was when the landing gear was down, you could see some of the Airmen in their seats. Boy did we feel safe and secure.


  28. Thank you Jim for referring me to this wonderful blog. I hope anyone will be able to help me.

    I'm looking for more information about 2LT. Richard A. Wertheim (401st Bomb Squadron), who was the bombardier of the My Darling Also. He died on March 6, 1944 when his B-17 crashed near Magdeburg, Germany. Eight men were KIA, including Wertheim.

    He has been buried at the American War Cemetery Ardennes in Belgium. I take care of his grave and would like to learn more about him. If someone has more information about him, I would love to hear.

    You can reach me at:

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind Regards,

    Sebastiaan Vonk

  29. Hi! Mu name is Martin Bacon and I was trying to find out if B-17F a/c#42-24432 had any kind of paint job on the nose. Ialso dont know what the 3 letters on fuselage was. I do know it was shot down on Dec. 20, 1942 over Romily Sur Seine France just after dropping its payload. My Great Uncle T/SGT Martin G Bacon Jr was a top turret gunner and radio operator on it. The tail gunner was the only surviver and was a POW. Any pictures and other info would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at Thank you

  30. I have some information available about the 23rd November 1942 mission to St. Nazaire. I collated the information as one of the aircraft 'Shiftless skonk' ditched near where I live here in U.K. If you are interested please contact me on

  31. I have a print that I recently found in the loft of the 324th 'Memphis Belle' signed by lots of aircrew and family members. Evidently it was originally painted by T. Weddel. Does anyone know anything about this print/artist? as the name is not familiar to us folks in the U.k. Contact me on

  32. I am looking primarily for pilots but also crew that are still living that flew in the following Aircraft. Little Patches, Man-O-War II, Outhouse Mouse, Nine-O-Nine, General Ike, or Miami Clipper. I would like to contact them or they could certainly contact me. This is for a project I am working on.
    Lance Burrell 493 W. 300 S., American Fork, UT. 84003 801-494-9451 Thank you for any help.

    1. Basil Hackleman volunteers with the Collings Foundation still. Contact them. Flew with him in 2015

  33. Hello,

    As part of a university research (PhD History) dealing with the bombing of Brest (Brittany, France) during the Second World War, I'm looking for documents and accounts relating to these events.

    I am looking in particular for photos of bombings, aircraft, personnel, flight log, etc.

    Thank you for your help,
    best regards

    Jean-Yves Besselièvre

  34. More than 300 photographs taken at Bassingborn air strip durning the winter of '44-'45 have been posted on Flickr in one set. Any help identifying planes and personnel will be greatly appreciated.


  35. Sebastiaan -

    Hopefully the 91st BG vets (or someone else out there) can get you some more information about Richard Wertheim. Stay tuned.

  36. To redraider56:

    I am posting for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) and the 91st BG Ring.

    We are the participants in the 91st BG E-mail Ring (101 91st BG veterans, ages 82 to 97, and the 91st BGMA associate members) who answer questions for searches. We represent all periods of time that the 91st was active and so some of us can answer almost any question.

    Chowhound has been a very popular 91st BG B-17 for modelers. Some have sent us photos of their models after carefully painting the model exactly as Chowhound was painted. Unfortunately, we have not kept these pictures in our files in high definition. We emailed you a picture of a one third scale flying model built by a Australian gentleman. It is in low definition but gives the colors through out the entire actual Chowhound. In addition you will find a copy of Starcer's original drawing of the Chowhound nose art. which will give you the colors you want.

    Few who have built models of Chowhound know the story of the re interment of members of the Chowhound crew members, Pilot 1st Lt. Jack Thompson, in Arlington National Cemetery 62 years after the disastrous loss on 8th August 1944. Attached to this E-mail is the story of how that came about.

  37. Sebastiaan:

    I am posting for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) and the 91st BG Ring.

    We are the participants in the 91st BG E-mail Ring (101 91st Bomb Group veterans, ages 82 to 97, and 91st BGMA associate members) who answer questions for searches. We represent all periods of time that the 91st was active and so some of us can answer almost any question.

    We want to thank you for tending the grave of our fellow 91ster who gave his last full measure to keep the world free. We have checked out as to whether either of the two air men who lived through this tragic event are current members of our 91st Bomb Group Memorial Association. Neither of them are. We are sending your request for information as to Richard A. Wertheim or of his relatives to all our Ring participants and asking them if they have information about him or his relatives to send the information to you at your E-mail address, with a copy to me for my files

    We have copied an article taken from Ray Bowden's wonderful book, "Plane Names and Fancy Noses," which carries an article on every 91st named B-17. Since My Darling Also was a 91st B-17, there is an article. It gives details on Richard A. Wertheim final tragic moments. If you would like to buy a copy of this book, you can purchase it through our web page.

    We emailed you two pictures of My Darling Also, the B-17 in which Richard A. Wertheim lost his life. Also attached is the Casualty Repot condensed from MA||C|R 2898 which lists information on Richard Werthyeim and his crew's final flight.

  38. To Lance:

    (I am posting for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) and the 91st BG Ring.)

    Probably one or more of our Ring participants flew in one or more of these B-17s. We are sending your request to all our Ring participants and asking them if they have information that answers your question. If they do they will send the information to you at your E-mail address, with a copy to me for my files.

    I was a first pilot in the 324th Bomb Squadron of the 91st and I flew a mission in Little Patches. I emailed you a section from my book, Vignettes of a B-17 Combat Crew, a vignette about that mission. I hope this helps in your project.

    Mike Banta, 91st Ringmaster

  39. To Jean-Yves:

    I am posting for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) and the 91st BG Ring.

    Our first mission of 7 November 1942 and our 21st mission of 27 February 1943 were to bomb the U-boat pens on the Brest peninsula. We emailed you copies from our Squadron daily files the dailies that cover these missions. Two of our Ring participants flew on at least one of these missions (Steve Perri, 323rd) and (Chuck Giauque, 323rd).

    Mike Banta, 91st Ringmaster

  40. Thank you very much for your answer.

  41. I am new to this blog but a big fan of the b17 and a person who tries to thank veteren daily so if there are any vets on this blog thank you for all you have done. my question is about a 17 named ice cold katy2 was this a plane with 91st I have a friend who was a tail gunner on this plane and am trying to find a picture of his plane any info would be appreciated my e-mail is thank you

  42. "His "home ship" was Yankee Gal and flew most of his missions with Earl Pate as pilot. His name is Lionel Marien."

    My grandfather Jim Bishop, was engineer with this crew. He passed away in January, 2006.

    Would love to find out more about his experiences in the 91st.

    Ed -

  43. The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler GA, recently acquired a B-17 that was in storage for 29 years. They are currently in the process of restoration. We went and toured the museum yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are interested the website is:

    Take care

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  45. My father-in-law Jerry Bryson was assigned to train crews on the norden bomb sight. He was attached to General Wilson's command at Bassingbourn. He was usually in the lead aircraft for missions. He does not remember any aircafts names. Can anyone help me find more information about the operations at Bassingbourn and General Wilson?

  46. Hi anonymous. (re: Ice Cold Katy2)

    I am posting for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) and the 91st BG Ring.

    Ice Cold katy2 was not a B-17 assigned to the 91st Bomb Group.
    Mike Banta, 91st Ringmaster

  47. I want to determine with some certainty whether the 91st BG ever awarded certificates or cards signifying membership in the Lucky Bastard Club as did many Eighth AAF Groups. In some cases these certificates were called a Certificate of Valor or were just a listing of the missions flown by the recipient, sometimes on a letterhead bearing the group or squadron logo. Any inputs?

  48. The certicate shown on the web page was issued to a veteran of the 91st in England. They issued these to some groups when the completed their required missions.

    Jim Shepherd

    ps, if you wish to ask further questions, please provide your email address.

  49. looking for info on my dad. lyman schafer. he flew with lt. hackleman, lt karlac, lt jordan, lt jones, ssgt powers, ssgt berty, sgt payne, sgt kolence & sgt grabowski. if any one knows the name of there plane or anything please let me know. my email is

  50. Hi there,

    I believe to have one of the engine dataplates of one of the engines from the Memphis Belle!

    I like to check the authenticity of that plate.
    Is there someone who knows if there is kept record of replaced engines?

    I do have a picture to send.
    Can someone please contakt me aboiut this.

    With most regards, Peter...

  51. To Ed (re: Jim Bishop):

    I am posting for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) and the 91st BG Ring.

    I recall the Pate crew. Yankee Gal was assigned to my crew prior to it's assignment to Earl.
    Here was his crew as of 19 March 1945:
    Pilot 2nd Lt. Pate, Earl G., Jr.
    Copilot F/O Roberts, Richard R.
    Navigator F/O Marion, Lionel H.
    Bomb NG Sgt. D'Arienso, Alphonse
    Radio S/Sgt Jacobs, Maxwell G.
    Eng TTG Sgt Bishop, Jimmie D.
    Ball TB Sgt Stanke, Paul G., Jr.
    Tail G Sgt. Hatch, Charles L.
    Waist G Sgt Luby, William J.

    So Lionel Marion was the navigator of the Pate crew and, as you say, your grandfather was the Flight Enginee/Top turret gunner.

  52. Unfortuately, the crew pictures (Page 11) all have incorrect links. The crew of the Yankee Gal with the above crew can be found on :

    Also, please note the spelling : Marien (not Marion -- a common mistake).

    Secondly, all the above crew is correct except :
    "Bomb NG Sgt. D'Arienso, Alphonse". He was never in the crew picture. My father also never mentioned such a person. It is, of course, possible that D'Arienso may have flown on a mission with the above crew but he certainly was not a permanent crew member.

  53. To Jim Marien:

    Thanks for the heads up on page 11 of the crew photos. I was updating those pages the other day and somehow the links didn't get uploaded. They are fixed now. I checked the site for misspellings of Marien and didn't find any. Let me know where you saw these and I'll fix them. I'll look into your D'Arienso question and see if we can resolve this.

  54. To Jim Shepard :

    The misspelling was in your blog posting on September 7th, not the photo.

  55. Does anyone have any information on the B17 called Lady Luck, 91st at the 324th BG - photos or info. Please let me know.

  56. Re: Lady Luck

    Try clicking on the search button on the main page of the 91st website ( This should bring up multiple links to photos and info about Lady Luck.

  57. looking for information on CHARLES H OLIVER SSGT

  58. Charles Oliver was listed on aircraft number 37221318, but this number is not listed as belonging to the 91st BG. If you provide your email address, we will do additional research.

    Jim Shepherd

  59. Charles H Oliver was the WG of the B-17 42-29750
    "Rebels Revange" 324 BS
    shot down by fighters after bombing in target area
    crashed into the north sea near Langeoog Island, Germany
    2 POW 2 KIA 6 MIA
    MARC 0668


  60. Anyone know Robert Goon? I would be interested in any info. anyone has about him. He's my grandfather. I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!


  61. am seeking information on who named and why the B17G Hoosier Hot Shot...#42-38006 MACR 4046

  62. I am seeking information on a mission I flew with the 91'st Bomb Group on June 12, 1944 as lead navigator. I was with the 379th BG at Kimbolton and we were sent to Bassingbourne to fly this mission in your lead ship that day. I would like to have at any cost a copy of the mission report that day. The target was a Luftwaffe base behind the Invasion front.
    Please advise whether this document is available. Don Casey,, Chicago, IL.

  63. Would be interested in any pictures or information on B-17 42-3043 "Hitler's Gremlin" My Dad was the belly-turret gunner I belive. The plane ditched in the English Channel August 17, 1943 after flying a mission at Schweinfurt. Have heard from either flak damage or low on fuel.

    Thank you

  64. Jon, the email address you provided was defective and you requested information about Hoosier Hot Shot.
    Provide correct email address.
    Jim Shepherd

  65. In the 91st BG Casualty List my 2nd cousin, R.A. Pitts, KIA 11-3-43, is listed as buried in Cemetery A. Is there a list of cemetery names and their corresponding initials? Thanks

  66. 1lt Robert A Pitts is burried in the cemetery Ardennes in Belgium

  67. Hi, I'm a museum curator/historian in McKinney TX and one of the historic homes I care for was the home of the family of S/Sgt. Bobby Younger. He flew on the Bomber-Dear and lost his life over Merseberg on Nov. 2, 1944. He was the ball turret gunner. The casualty list says he was MIA. We have a memorial room set up in his honor. I would love to have any photos,info,personal stories, etc that anyone has about Bobby. I can be contacted at Thank you so much.

  68. I am looking for a picture of a plane once known as the bloddy bucket or at least a pisture of the crew. Lt Bilott was the pilot of this plane and my Grampa Walter salo was a crewman os this plane. I know they had to remove the name and flew with out a name for a while.I have been looking for a while. thank you in advance if you have any information or pictures

  69. The Bloody Bucket also flew under the name Anne. You can find a crew photo at

    Unfortunately, we don't have the crew names yet.

  70. Hi my father, Herbert Sullivan was in the 91st bombardment group, 401st bombardment squadron (heavy). I am trying to find out the name of the B17 plane he flew on/or missions. He was in theater between March 29, 1945 - May 29, 1945. He was a radio operator/gunner Any information on the name of the plane would be great. I have his army serial # if that helps. email me at

  71. RE: Herbert Sullivan

    If your father was S/Sgt. J.H. Sullivan, you could use the SEARCH button on the main page (, type in his name, and this should take you to the Dailies - particularly 1943 which states some of the aircraft (numbers) he flew on.

  72. Thank You but, unfortunately, he is not J.H. Sullivan - but could be under Herbert Sullivan or H.H. Sullivan.
    I am fairly certain that he left NJ on March 6, 1945 on the JW Mcandrew. I found three operational missions in his notes: 4/15/45 to Bordeaux France, 4/16/45 Regensburg, Germany and 4/21/45 Munich Germany. No where in these small amount of notes does it say anything about a plane name or number. If any one has any information - please email me at

  73. Sir,
    Lt Howard L. Mitchell of 322 Sqn is buried in the Ardennes American Cemetery. He was the pilot AC 43-38693 when he died on Dec 05, 1944 on mission #264 to Berlin.
    What I'd like to know is the names and fate of the other crew members. Where did Mitchell's plane crash? How many mission did that crew accomplish? Any pics of the crew?
    All info or help will be most appreciated.
    Kind regards.
    Rik (A Belgian, living close to Ardennes American Cemetery)
    My miabox:

  74. I really appreciate this blog and the history and tribute to the 91st BG. Thank you to everyone! I am looking for an online list of the 91st BG's missions out of Bassingbourn. My email address is . Thanks in advance for any info.
    Chris Cannaday

  75. Does anyone have information on Ball Turret gunner S/SGT Enrique Perez who flew on Just Plain Lonesome? He flew 25 missions on Royal Flush with the 390th Bomb Group before joining the 91st. He was killed on his 25th mission there while substituting for a ball turret gunner on Texas Chubby. Thanks.

  76. Lately I've become interested in the planning that went on behind the missions the USAAF flew during WW2. When calculating fuel consumption and maximum flight time was the amount of fuel consumed on the ground while waiting to take of taken into account on an aircraft by aircraft basis or was this a negligible factor?

    I've seen footage of long lines of all sorts of aircraft waiting to take off, it occurred to me that the last crew to take off was going to be a little lighter on fuel than the lead aircraft. Just wondering if this was taken into account or did the last crews taking off have to sweat about having less fuel?

    Just curious. A lot went on behind the missions make them happen. Recently its occurred to me what a cool part of history that is as well!

  77. Hi all, am writing a book about the crew of Lady Luck, DF-A 42-29837 and using fictional characters to represent the crew, and how they had to fill the shoes left by Captain Robert Morgan and the crew of DF-A 41-24485, Memphis Belle after that ship returned to the United States after completing 25 Missions. If anyone has any information about Lady Luck or any additional material for research, would be welcome. Thanks. E-mail address,

  78. I need help Guys.For D-Day 2010 I want to airbrush a A-2 Jacket with a 91BG Nose Art(pin up) from a plane that was flew on D-day and did the end of war.Can u help me? I dont find nothing concrete on the internet.Thank u so much. e-mail

  79. Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows anything about the "greyed out" national insignias in which the white star and bar were painted grey. I was wondering if this was a field modification or something, and if these insignias were present on the 322nd's "Man O War II". Please email at Any information would be greatly appreciated

  80. Re: Hoosier Hot Shot

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    This question was asked previously and we could come to no other conclusion than that it was painted by Tony Starcer at the request of one of the members of the first crew to be assigned to it who was probably from Indiana. Which one we don't know nor do we know if it were a name from the mind of the famous 91st BG Nose Art painter, Tony Starcer.

    We emailed you our e-mails from the previous answers to the question of who named Hoosier Hot Shot.

    We are sending your request as to who named Hoosier hot Shot to all our Ring participants and asking them if they have information that answers your question. If they do they will send the information to you at your E-mail address.

  81. is there any more info about Chow Hound? did the origianl crew survive the 25 missions or were they the ones shot down?

  82. No E-Mail address NO answer. Please try again
    Jim Shepherd

  83. Hi, This blog has been so helpful in my research of memebers of the 91st I thought I would ask any of your 91st. navigator veterans a question about the Bendix type d-2 compass they used. Was this permanently mounted at the nav. station or carried on board each time.Any picts would be great.
    Thanks Charles

  84. I've started researching Capt. Robert E. Hardister who flew with the 401st I believe in '44 and '45. From what I can tell he flew in Zootie Cutie, Times A-Wastin', Qualified Quail, Jezebel, Round Trip Topsy, Little Patches, General Ike, Tennessee Tess, and other ships in the group. "The Ragged Irregulars of Bassingbourne has a picture on page 143 of "Capt. Hardister's crew with "Tehhessee Tess." I've been searching hoping to find more pictures of him or the ship and have run into the term "crew number" on pictures with no indication of what ship they were assigned to. Is there any way to find out the "crew number" listings with members anywhere? Any help would be much appreciated. This started as just a casual project but seems to be taking me over. Thanks for any help in advance!!

  85. Hi

    I am writing a play for Bassingbourn Village College - the subject the impact of the 91st BG on the life of the village and area. We specialise in history plays and have just done one on VE Day for the Duxford Air Museum.
    I would love to have some first hand accounts of life in the village of Bassingbourn.....short anecdotes also welcome.
    The play will be peformed by students from the school (ages 13-16) and I am hoping that it will stimulate interest in the whole subject of the 91st on their doorstep.

    Mike Levy
    Keystage Arts Company, Cambridge England

  86. To Anonymous on March 1 2010 regarding fuel planning for missions. Check "The Mighty Eighth War Manual" by Roger Freeman. In short, yes, engine start times were adjusted and fuel ground and taxi were taken into account. This is a fabulous book, which has answers to questions you haven't thought of yet!
    Lou Illiano

  87. Hi
    I am a professional graphic / artist and now I am prepared sequel to my book “Assembly ships of the Mighty Eighth”. At the moment I am working with colour artwork of hacks aircraft used by 8th and 9th USAAF.
    I hope you will be able to help me - I am looking for any kind of pictures, informations, crew list, accidents, extra-ordinary sorties etc, ect. of hack / communication / auxilitary / transport / ambulance planes used by 91st Bomb Group especially, as well as Headquarter Flight of the 1st Combat Wing and Headquarter Flight of the 1st Air Division.

    Naturally, your knowledge and pictures about such aircraft used by any other Group will be greatly welcome.

    My database show, that to the 91st BG were assigned hack planes as bellow:

    - P-47 D #42-8442 used as formation monitor, no markings
    - B-17E #41-9023 ‘Yankee Doodle’ marked LG*X
    - L-4 #s/n unknown ‘Pappy’
    - UC-64A #44-70258 marked *G
    - UC-78 #42-58434 marked *U
    - A-35B #41-31313 marked *A (British serial FD124)

    - I found information, that the 91st BG have on charge also another Vengeance #41-31323 (FD134), I have no picture to confirm it.

    About hacks of the Headquarter Flight of the 1st Combat Wing:

    - P-47D #42-75151 marked MX*L and small ‘1’ within three triangles on red vertical fin
    - UC-64A #43-5299 marked with small ‘1’ within three triangles on red vertical fin
    - Boston III AL397 marked *G
    - B-17G #44-6014
    - B-17G #44-8883
    - L-4 #43-648 marked with small ‘1’ within three triangles on red vertical fin

    Please - if you are able - help me to complete the blank fields of list. My questions are:
    - Serial number and any letter markings of ‘Pappy’ ?
    - Did the 91st BG have one or two A-35 Vengeances?
    - Did the 91st BG have any other auxilitary aircraft, not mentioned above?
    - Did the 1st CBW HQ have any other auxilitary aircraft, not mentioned above?
    - If it is possible, other datas as: period (date: taken on charge and struck off charge) when each of mentioned planes was with 91st BG, any MACR ect.?
    - Pictures (photos, paintings or any other artwork or illustrations) of mentioned hack-planes?

    Any, any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Jacek Jackiewicz
    Atelier Kecay

  88. I'm looking for information on my husband's grandfather. His name was John C. Pullen, a pilot who flew the MaryLou. He was in the 91st BG, 323 Bomb Squad. If anyone has stories or photos to share, please respond.

  89. I forgot to include my email address, We are interested in learning of any stories or seeing photos of John C. Pullen, a pilot who flew the MaryLou in the 91st BG, 323 Bomb Squad.

    Steve Pullen

  90. looking for w.w.hill, served with my dad, al harasmisz.

  91. My Father,Joseph Bilotta, was the pilot of the Bloody Bucket. He flew a full combat tour in England and went back to the states as a B-17 instructor. He remained in the Air Force and flew the Berlin airlift, he also flew C-130,s in Vietnam. He retired as a Lt.Col. in 1969 and passed in April of 2001 in Charleston,S.C.

  92. I am researching the history of RAF Grimsby in Lincolnshire and have come across a photograph in Lincolnshire Air War 1939-45 (Sid Finn, 1973 pubished by Aero Litho in Lincoln) of a 324 BS B17 coded WF-D which appears to have bellied in at Grimsby having limped across the North Sea after been attacked with rockets. There is no date other than it could be the spring / summer of 1944. Do your records show which aircraft were allocated 'D' as an aircraft code? Any help much aprreciated.

  93. Hi everyone, looking for information on an accident at Bassingbourn, involving A B-17F of the 401st Bomb Squadron, that resulted in the death of a civilian worker. The pilot of the aircraft was 1st Lt. William Denton Bloodgood, and the co-pilot was 1st Lt. James Hugh McPartlin.
    Any info would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Daryl Payne

  94. Does anyone have any information on the B17 called Aircraft 42-5337: "SHORT SNORTER
    III" call letters 401 LL-J I am trying to do a research to write a book about one certan crew member Sebastian Scavello my email address i;

  95. In Ray Bowdens book "Planes Names & Fancy Noses" he mentions B-17G Anxious Angel 43-38035 of the 401BS having a coloured nose band. The aircraft was fitted with AS-69/APT-2 Fishhook antennas on the fuselage for "Carpet" jamming of the German Wurzburg radar system.
    Can anybody report more on this and the colour of the nose band. Thanks Nigel Perry

  96. In late 1944 the 91st painted the fin and tailpanes in red. Does anybody know the correct shade of red i.e. insignia red ? Thanks Nigel Perry

  97. Dear Jim Shepard,

    Bob Dickson, pilot and POW, from 91st was a member of a group of 5 that had coffee hour each Friday for a long time here in Morro Bay, CA. As a member of that group I knew and admired Bob for his past dedication to ,our citizens and as a gentleman. I was a navigator and also served in the 457th and 25th B.G. in ETO.
    I regret his loss to your association; we will all miss him. Sincerely, Bill Siler

  98. I sm trying to find more information on my brother in law. He was a tail gunner I believe. Shot down on a mission and ended up in stalag 17b. His name was rowland p burch and he was a SGT. I got this info from the national archives.
    I am not sure if he was with the 91st. The archive list a number of 0285 Heavy bombardment.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  99. I am trying to find more information on my brother in law. He was a tail gunner I believe. Shot down on a mission over germany ended up in stalag 17b. His name was rowland p burch and he was a SGT. I got this info from the national archives.
    I am not sure if he was with the 91st. The archive lists a number of 0285 Heavy bombardment.
    Any help would be appreciated.


    October 15, 2010 11:32 AM

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  100. My grandfather Donald "buckets" Smith flew in these planes with hells angles in ww2. his plane name was sweet Rosie O'Grady. he was the ball turret gunner. i have a picture of him and the crew in front of there plane. if any one has any more info on rosie or pictures please let me know. my email is thank you.

  101. I am Looking for information an the B17 called Miami Clipper Photos, documentation, crew manifest. I have seen 2 different color s on the nose art. I am building a 1/10 scale model and want to do it properly.
    Thank you

  102. A salute to you all on Veterans Day!
    So glad you started this blog, as my computer crashed and I lost most of the wonderful information you sent me about my dad.
    I reprint here the story I wrote about you in the Anna Maria Island (Florida)Sun on Father's Day, 2008:
    What did you do in the war, Daddy?
    What started as a simple question has turned into an unlikely cadre of pen pals.
    Ironically, it’s the U.S. Department of Defense that is credited for inventing the Internet, which is how a group of 90-something, computer-savvy World War II veterans helped me find out just exactly what my Dad did in the war.
    Twenty years ago, the Internet and email were as foreign to most newsrooms as a non-smoking area.
    Twenty years ago, I had just lost my Dad to lung cancer and was trying to learn how to arrange his Army Air Corps medals from World War II in the proper order.
    Like many veterans, Dad didn’t talk much about what he did in the war; he just enjoyed to the hilt every sunny day that he could play golf. I guess you don’t take the simple things for granted after flying over Nazi Germany 25 times.
    All I knew for sure is that Dad flew B-17s, but without the Internet, looking for his military records proved to be more challenging than any investigative reporting.
    Dad had been in the 91st Bomb Group, 323rd Squadron in Bassingbourne, England. After traveling there to see the airfield and the white cliffs of Dover for myself, hitting the books, watching every World War II movie ever made and riding in the radioman’s seat in a restored B-17 over Anna Maria Island, I figured I’d covered the bases.
    Then, just before Memorial Day two weeks ago, a family member emailed me with a simple question - what squadron was Dad in?
    As I looked it up in my records, I noticed something I had overlooked; “Ardennes” was listed among Dad’s battles and campaigns. Reporters being the curious type, I looked it up on the Internet - the first time I had attempted any military research since computers replaced cigarettes in newsrooms.
    It referred to the Battle of the Bulge. He never mentioned that.
    One thing leads to another online, and soon I was on a website for the 91st Bomb Group Memorial Association, a gang of “gray-haired wonders” just like in the Air Force song, who happen to have Washington Post-caliber research skills.
    At 1704 hours, I sent the message. At 1955 hours they sounded the equivalent of an email air raid siren and started scrambling. At 2024 hours, Mike Banta became the first of my new virtual pen pals.
    “Your e-mail has been sent to us for answer. We are the participants in the 91st Bomb Group E-mail Ring… We represent all periods of time that the 91st was active and so some of us can answer almost any question.”
    It’s no wonder we won the war.
    Within four days, four vets made contact. Ray Bowden sent a list of four battles that Dad was in, including Nuremburg. Lowell Getz sent a list of serial numbers for several planes Dad had flown. Turns out you can cross reference the serial numbers and find the plane names, then get photos of the crews and the nose art – the mascot painted on the nose of the plane – at the association website.
    Mr. Getz found a mission in which Dad had flown the squadron lead, an honor or a curse depending on your point of view. He also told me about a book he wrote on the last mission of the war in Europe, available on the Internet, which he discovered Dad had participated in.
    Then I got the email that was right on target.
    “Your father, 2nd Lt. (later Capt.) John Barczak, I can faintly remember,” wrote Marion C. Hoffman, age 85. “Considering 64 years of time and suffering the consequences of being shot down and incarcerated as a POW, my mind does not function well anymore,” he wrote.
    I’d say it’s working just fine, Mr. Hoffman.
    Thanks for bringing my Dad back this Father’s Day.
    Three cheers for the Internet.
    And long live the 91st.

  103. Does anyone know if any of Edward C. Gates crew is still living? If so, please have them contact me.

    Thank you
    Wilson O'Neal

  104. Looking for any information on Oscar A. Hurst, Serial Number 0735956. Oscar became a POW when Heavenly Body, 42-38027, was shot down on July 20,1944. Oscar was with the 322nd B. Sq.
    Also looking for any information on Gordon Page, Serial Number 16156736, also of the 322nd B.Sq. Gordon was a member of the same crew as Oscar Hurst but he did not fly that day, 7-20-1944.
    My email is
    Thanks. And this is a great Site!

  105. Would be interested in any pictures or information on B-17 SN :unknown "Lady Freda".
    I only found one picture on this site.
    Thank you

    Frédéric Jadin

  106. My name is Dave Robinson, my wife's Stepfather, Glen Crumbliss served as Pilot on Incendiary Blonde B17 Bomber. I printed a pic of the crew
    which showed all as unknown. Glen gave me names of 8 persons listed as well as one man killed the day before pic was taken. Please email me at and I will provide you with names to include with photo. Thanks, Dave Robinson

  107. I know people and airmen who flew on B-17's laugh about the toilets on the aircraft, but my father had one. It spent many years in our furnace room. His name was Alston B Voorhees Jr.. He was a design engineer on the B-17 from 1939 through 1945. The project engineer was Roy Osling. Back in the early 90’s my father and Roy were requested by the Boeing flight museum to go through their old drawings for the purpose of rebuilding a B-17 for the museum. The aircraft was located the Renton plant surrounded by a cyclone fence inside the building, this was in the middle of the 757 production line. It was quite a site. What was even more interesting was listening to my father and Roy going over some of the design changes made from the “F to the G” models to try and save weight as we crawled through the aircraft. The “G” model had magnesium wingtip attachment points. If the wing tips came off in flight it would not effect the flying characteristics of the aircraft.
    The museum was given carte blanch use of Boeings facilities and use of a few of the engineering offices. On the wall, in one of these offices was a cutaway drawing of the B-17F, in the lower right hand corner were the signatures of the project engineer “Roy Osling”- dated July 24, 1942 and the design engineer’s signature “ Alston B Voorhees Jr” – Dated July 24, 1942. This cutaway drawing was about 6 to 8 feet in length. Something, I would really like to have, however it is still protected by Boeing. This is a wonderful website, Thank you for all those involved.
    Russell Voorhees
    Cedar Rapids, IA

  108. My uncle was a member of the third (and final) crew of the Chowhound. I would like to get a picture of the model which show the colors of the original nose art as well as a copy of Starcer's original drawing of the Chowhound nose art. You previously provided this information in response to a previous blog post (July 5th 2009). I would also like to know if there are any photos of the third crew.

  109. Hello, I am looking for anyone related to, or has access to Mr W.D. Pulliam or his fine collection of WWII colour slides. This request is made on behalf of the newly reopened Station 121 Tower Museum at Bassingbourn.

    Thank you!

  110. My name is Neil McKee. My uncle was responsible for naming Duke of Paducah B-17 42-37736. I am compiling information on my uncle and the plane ( ie sorties, and crew). I would like to ask for permission to reproduce the excerpts from the dailies of the 324th to include in these notes. This is for personal use, for my family. I would like to make my summary available to the public library in my uncle's hometown and to his high school. It will never be "sold" but I would like to give it away as above. Can someone direct me to the proper party to ask. I certainly respect all issues regarding copyright, and I appreciate the 91BG site. If it were not for this site, I would have almost NO information on this important facet of my family's history.

    Please direct any reply to:

    Thank you

  111. I have put together an electronic photo album of pictures and letters from Captain Thomas McCormick during WWII. Tom was my Uncle who was shot down on November 23, 1942 in St. Nazaire France. He was a Flying Fortress pilot.I also have his yearbook called the Army Wings from the Class of 41-1.It has many pictures of the cadets from the Southeast training centers.If you are looking for a class picture or are interested in the link send me an email and I will be happy to share.

  112. Hello, I am the son of S/SGT C. Huber who was shot down May 21, 1943 on aircraft 657 with the rest of the crew piloted by Lt Retchin.

    My father died Dec. 20th 1997, however S/SGT (Cloren) Meade was finally successful in seeing that my father was recognized for digging off the ammo cans, which had been knocked down blocking Meade's exit from the Belly Turret, pulling Meade out of the Belly Turret assembly, helping him into his parachute, and pushing him out of the burning aircraft. S/SGT Meade claimed S/SGT (Charles) Huber had saved his life while risking his own, and that S/SGT Huber was the last man out of aircraft number 657 that day. As the result of Cloren Meade's continued efforts during my father's terminal illness, we received his Distinguished Flying Cross issued by the Department of the Army in June of 1998.

    According to Meade, their aircraft, number 657, was shot down, just 15 minutes from their target. My dad, never talked much about his experience until the last couple of months before his death from a brain tumor. He did state that he and Meade had trained together in Gunnery School, and had nearly had a fatal accident when they had nearly landed with Meade in the Belly Turret still in the lowered position. At that point my dad had promised Meade that he would not leave him in the Belly Turret if the plane went down. He kept his word, and while he and Meade both survived for two years as POWs, after the war Meade attempted many times to get the DFC awarded, succeeding only after my father's death.

    I am wondering if there are any photos of A/C 657 or any cross reference between the aircraft numbers and the nose art. Also I am trying to find out if 657 was the regular assigned aircraft for Lt Retchin or they were flying a different aircraft on May 21, 1943. From Lt Retchin's comments in his diary on May 17th, he mentions his crew "really doing a great job" and Mead getting a F.W. 109. I'm also trying to find out if the pilot had a assigned crew as my father and Meade claimed they were shot down on their fifth mission, while Lt Retchin's diary indicates the May 21st flight would have been his NINTH operation.

    Thank you for any information. Direct replies may be sent to

  113. 1st. Lt Francis J. Moyles flew 2 missions at the end of the war in 1946 from Bassingbourne, Germany. He can not remember the names of the B17's he flew. We have a picture of his crew and are looking for first names so it can be posted. Co-pilot's name was Steward. This crew flew the Spirit of St. Louis home with him. We are looking for any information. Frank is still alive and well. contact him at or his daughter at

    1. My father, Lt Francis J Moyles, passed away on January 17, 2013. He was 88 years old. He was buried with full military honors at Cathedral Cemetary in Scranton, Pa.
      Jim Moyles

  114. My father, Lt. Charles R. Peck was co-pilot to Lt. Roy J. Griesbach for the 401st's Jub Jub Bird. His last mission he flew the Shoo Shoo Baby, which is on display at Wright Patterson AFB. A few years back, both we reunited at Wright Patterson for a ceramony honoring all flight crews that ever flew on the Shoo Shoo Baby. I still take my dad to any air shows that come to Austin, Texas; like the Warbirds that came this spring.

  115. As an enthusiastic fan of the 91st site, and a "second generation"family member, my Uncle, was Norman Prophit, a 401st Navigator,I will become a member here soon.My biggest regrets are not drawing out my uncle more about his service in England,his POW experience,also not knowing about Bassingbourn when I was in the USAF stationed at Fairford in Gloucestershire, from 1979 to 1982, I would have visited Bassingbourn.Hopefully, when next I return to the UK, I WILL go visit.Fair skies and calm winds to all
    Leonard Prophit

  116. First of all, I want to say thank you to all the veterans who defended our freedom by serving in the 91st Bomb Group. Words are inadequate to express the gratitude I feel for your service and your sacrifice.

    I am especially interested in corresponding with veterans and others who have any information about Little Miss Mischief (42-97880). I have already gleaned quite a bit of information from this excellent web site as well as from other sources on the internet, but I hope I might have the privilege of communicating with those who have first-hand knowledge of her history, whether as air crew or as ground support. Of course, I am also interested in hearing from anyone else who has information that is not otherwise available from this site.

    By the way, aircraft modelers might be interested in knowing that Revell recently released its first new B-17 kit in over two decades, and Little Miss Mischief is the featured aircraft - a well-deserved honor.

    David Cooper

  117. I should add that Nine-O-Nine is the other featured aircraft in the Revell kit.

    David Cooper

  118. Hello, I am looking for info on the B17F Shamrock Special. I know that it had it's tailsection replaced after an accident, but what happened with the lady who was painted on the first tail?

    You can reach me at

    Thanks for looking.


  119. A few YB-40s were sent to the 91st in July 1943 at, essentially, the tail end of a brief effort to see if the "escort bomber" or "aerial cruiser" concept was sound. It wasn't; the planes were too heavy to keep up with formations. Do any 91st'ers remember or have experience with the planes? It's for an article I'm preparing. Thanks - Steve Agoratus - email

  120. I am the historian of the 42-97292 "Bachelor's Bride."
    This B-17G crashed in June 25, 1944 at Bilbao, Spain during a mission in Toulouse, France.
    The crew consisted of:

    Pilot: 1stLt. Ferrall K. Goodrich
    Co-pilot: 2ndLt. Stanley T. J. Spencer
    Navigator: 1stLt. John P. Smith,
    Bombardier: F/O Harold R. Kurrus
    Engineer: Sgt. William V. Zura
    Ball turret gunner: S/Sgt William A. Fann
    Radio operator : Sgt. Jesse J. Craghead
    Waist gunner: S/Sgt Edwin G. Braun
    Tail gunner: S/Sgt John F. Callaghan
    Navigator (not for the mission) : 2ndLt. Donald L. Brazones

    All information about this airplane or the crew would be appreciated.

    Please visit my website dedicated to this airplane:

    Thank you !

  121. Does anybody have any details about 41-24359, a B-17F that first went to England with the 301st Bomb Group, and was left there as a "hangar queen" when the 301st went to North Africa?

    Apparently she was on Detached Service with the 91st from December 20, 1943 until January 21, 1944, then assigned to the group on February 20. After less than a month she went to Burtonwood before returning to the U.S.

    Before going to the 91st 41-24359 had served for several months with the 482nd Bomb Group, so she would have been performing a specialized role, but I'm not sure exactly what it was.

    Any help will be gratefully received!

    Steve Birdsall

  122. I am the grandnephew of John W. McGoldrick, a B-17 pilot who was possibly in the 91st BG. I have absolutely no information regarding his rank, squadron, or aircraft, and I've been searching high and low for more information. The only two things I know are that his B-17's nose art possibly had something to do with "gold" or "nuggets" (but this is a foggy memory from my childhood) and that, according to, he was involved in some kind of accident at Dyersburg AAF in April '44, in a B-17G with serial number 44-6036.

    If anyone has any information regarding John W. McGoldrick and his aircraft, please contact me.

    Neal Newbill

  123. Thanks for sharing information

  124. can anyone give me information on a square A tail marking on B17s

  125. Hi Jim my name is mike I HAVE THE ORIGINAL PHOTO OF OUR GANG B-17 with crew and jeep, a much clearer photo than you have. I also have a photo of the pilot and copilot in the cockpit. If you would like I can email them to you also thay will soon be posted on the ww-11 data base. please contact me at

  126. Hi Jim

    Its mike again, also on the back of the photo with the jeep, the whole crew is listed including rank and home town the last two guys in the photo are left to right S/SSG Edward L. Lawler from Camden Ark.and the last guy is T/SGT Auther L. smith from Norwich conn. If you would like to know all of there home towns just contact me at the above email address.


  127. Hi,
    sorry for my bad englisch.
    My name is Friedhelm Henning, I am a 53 years old police-officer of my hometown Paderborn. The time is passing away...but we are not allowed to forget the time, the history, dates, hours, names. Every destiny. May be it is not correct for me writing in your blog. May be it is wrong. I was born in my country, I live in my country, I love my country. I am a f... German.But my love is my wife and the history of Paderborn, the war history. Starting the history in 1910 - 1945 for more than 25 years. I am looking for constructive contacts about this time. I am looking for information about the raids to Paderborn, Altenbeken and Bad Lippsringe. Paderborn was destroyed at the 27th March 1945 to
    95%. I am very thankfull to get contact to somebody, who wans to change information. I am no publisher, it is my heartful hobby. Please contact me. My email:
    Airminded regards Fitti Henning

  128. I am the daughter of Arthur E Hele. My dad was a crew chief for the 401st folded wings and Ragged Irregular FJ/4,401. What I am looking for are the names of B-17's that my dad was ahead of for keeping the engines working order. Before my dad passed away he could not remember the names of planes. I hope someone could help and maybe even have some pictures.

    Thank. You

  129. Hello

    Iam Anita from the Netherlands and i looking for information and maybe photo's about Elio Traverso, serialnr.11032224.
    We adopted his name of The Walls of the Missing, Margraten in the Netherlands.
    More information about Elio Traverso you can read on the following website.
    With best regards Anita

  130. We are a Dutch familie, recently we recieved a Certificate of Adoption from a soldier on Walls of Missing in Margraten (Netherlands).
    The soldiers name is Traverso Elio, T SGT, nr: 11032224. State: Massachusetts.
    He died on 4th March 1943.
    Unit: 322 BOMB SQ 91 BOMB GP/H
    The plane's nickname was: Rose O'Day
    Target: Hamm Germany
    Who can and will give us more information please, we have no photo's from Elio Traverso.
    Also we cannot find any Family about Elio Traverso.
    We appreciate any kind of information, tips etc.
    Kind regards, Ed and A

  131. I have recently tried to find the 323rd War Memorial which, I understand, should be located at the southern end of Wimpole Hall's Grand Avenue which was used as the Squadron dispersal during WW2. I am concerned that it may have been stolen for scrap. I have tried to notify Steve by e-mail using the address on the web-site but failed.

    Has anyone got any info on what has happened to the memorial?


    Scot Salmon

  132. Hello to all,
    I have just completed some research about B-17G 42-97851 Qualified Quail for two reasons:
    1) I have chosen Qualified Quail's nose art to create a flight jacket that I have been dreaming of.
    2) I wanted to write about this plane in my blog ( sorry just in franch for the moment but you can use google translate.
    I have found much information about the planes and I'm now looking for any survivor having flown on it during it's 72 missions.
    Please feel free to contact me at
    Best to all,
    Patrick MILWARD

  133. James R Ladner May 20, 2012May 20, 2012 at 7:49 PM

    Hello I just found your website. I have a photo album with pictures of people, planes and bombing runs of my father's (Gerald R Ladner) experience serving in the England. I have very little information but believe he was a belly gunner for the crew of Red Alert. I found no pictures of the plane's crew on this site. Does anyone have more information about the RED ALERT?
    Jim Ladner


    An amazing book by a living 96 year old B-17 pilot - I am his daughter and he has loads of old photos from his time in Bassinbourne - many are in the book. There is also a beautiful song titled Priority Gal that also has many B-17 mentioned in the lyrics with some wonderful old photos!
    Brings tears to me eyes! If you would like to contact me or Lt Col. Henry Supchak we can be reached at

  135. Hi to everyone. I am interested in the history of the 91st BG, and have been trying to get info of any B17f's that had to crashland at Bassingbourne with casualties on board. I am constructing a diorama depicting such an incident so would like to be as accurate as possible. Any info would be useful, name of B17, serial no etc. No doubt many aircraft returned 'shot up' with wounded and dead aboard, and it would be a tribute to these men. Thanks if you could help.

    1. I do have some information on the 91st BG. Most of it ends when my uncle was shot down in November of 1942. I have several pictures as well and many letters he sent home.

  136. hi

    i adopted the grave of Sgt Arthur W Miller who was killed on the mission on 14 jan 1945
    he is buried at the cemetery of Henri Chapelle in belgium
    now ilooking for information, photo's and family

    you can email me on Ron_raaijmakers at(@)

    regards ron raaijmakers

  137. Hi everyone!! Names Joe and I'm an installer for Verizon. I work mostly on fiber optic networks that provide phone, internt and tv services in Providence R.I. Today I had the pleasure to work for a lovely 85 year old woman. Turns out she's the widower of the late Sgt. Joseph Colin Dawson, Radio Operator & Right Waist Gunner of "Broad Minded". A B-17 in the 91st Bomb Group(H). I saw her husband's picture in his uniform and once I took interest she was more than happy to talk. She was thrilled that I had some knowledge of what he did(not him personally) and was estatic that someone my age (36) took interest. She told me her husband ran 28 successful missions over Gernmany!!! Holy Cow, wasn't the life expectancy of someone in a B-17 in Europe less than a dozen missions?!?!? Anyway, they went on to have 5 children and 9 grandchildren.
    I cant thank Mr.Dawson since he is no longer with us but I would like to say thankyou to any airman reading this. Thankyou for you sacrifice, courage, and contribution to the wonderful country which I am fortunate enough to live work and raise a family in. Thankyou all!
    Sincerely Joe S.

  138. I have some letters sent home and several pictures from my Uncle Thomas McCormick and his WWII days. Tom was stationed in the 322nd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force and was shot down on November 23rd, 1942 while co-piloting the Sad Sack. I will be happy to share.

    1. Maggie, you can send letters or photos of your uncle in jpeg format to Please be sure to scan them at a fairly large resolution or size and we will put some or all of them on the website for all to see as soon as we can. Thanks.

      91st BG Webmaster

  139. Distinguished members of the 91st Bomb Group:
    I am researching the "Old Faithful" and the brave souls who flew her. I was wondering if I could contact anyone regarding her history. (

  140. Ginny Salleng PetersenFebruary 24, 2013 at 8:54 PM


    First off I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for not only your dedication to this website and the preservation of the history of the 91st, but for your individual sacrifices while you served in the military. It is something that I believe is never said enough.

    I am having some difficulty in figuring out the history behind the B17 my father flew on and the nose art. "My" Blonde Bomber after its arrival in England was assigned to the 91st Bomb Squad. The crew was formed in Pocatello, Idaho were they received their basic training and then moved on to Casper, Wyoming for advanced training. After a short leave they were to report to Salina, Kansas where they picked up their plane and began the journey to England. Engine trouble caused a stop in Detroit for repair and then on to Maine.

    It was once in Maine that the crew chose to name the plane the Blonde Bomber after Dad, being blonde and a bombardier, who, having worked for Disney as an animator and for MGM in the art department designed and painted the nose art on the plane. I know there are different versions that Tony Starcer painted the nose art, but this story has been verified by living crew members that it had the nose art on its arrival on June 22, 1943. Charles Steele as a child, in a conversation with Ovila ( Frenchy) Corbiere in 2005 and recently in a phone conversation and letter with Joseph Kerr.

    From my research, and I could well be wrong, I believe there were two Blonde Bombers; the one Dad flew on and then when the Piccadilly Commando was changed to the Blonde Bomber.

    I am trying to find any remaining living crew to further document Dad’s service and just to tell them how much they all meant to him and how much they mean to me for accompanying my father on to what he referred to as some of the best years of his life.

    God bless you all and thank you for your help,

    Ginny Salleng Petersen

    1st Lt. Wine, Robert E.
    2nd Lt. Degen, Charles W.
    2nd Lt. Ryan, William C.
    2nd Lt. Salleng, Leonard S.
    S/Sgt Fair, Ellsworth (NMI)
    Sgt. Smith, Norville E.
    T/Sgt Corbiere, Ovila S.
    S/Sgt. Kerr, Joseph F.
    Sgt. Harvey, William (NMI)
    S/Sgt Steele, Charles H.

  141. hi im trying to get a crew photo for my grandpa to steve & nancy perri. my grandpa was in WWII 91st bomber group Bassingbourn , he was the navigator on the B17G 323squardrin 12-1-43 / 4-29-44 , name is Carl L. Kroll...also has the names of the crew in the his grandson Rorick C. Kroll,,,would meen alot to him to get this photo submitted,,,,any address or where to send it would be great thank you,,,,
    my email is or,,,
    again Thank you

  142. Theron P. Snell, Ph.DApril 10, 2013 at 11:53 AM

    I am looking for any information re: S/SGT Donald E. Irons, shot down 10/4/43. He was a RAMP and was shipped home on the SS SANTA MARGARITA. I am writing a history of the ship and am looking for first hand account of the trip home AND any data about his being shot down.

    Theron P. Snell, Ph.D

  143. Hi my nane is Shaun. I was just wondering if anybody knows how many missions Little Miss Mischief flew while she was based at Bassingbourn. My email address is

  144. I'm trying to find the name of A/C # 297467. This A/C was badly damaged on 04/25/44. It went into the air depot on 04/26/44 for repair. On 07/18 44 it landed in Sweden because of mechanical problems.
    A family friend was aboard as the ball turret gunner on 4/25/44. He can't recall the name of the plane. Thanks for your help. 401st bomb squadron

  145. All alerts! from Rev Christer Grerot in Sweden:

    Urgent message!!! The Tower Museum in Bassingbourn, England, is going to be shut down permanently dec. 2013, razed to the ground (!), as well as the entire old airfield! I have a dear friend living there and he hopes that You in US react (there is nothing more to do from the UK horizon !) - and take steps to “BOMB” the authorities in England with e-mails to make sure that this is not happening! I hope You still have a fighting spirit to join us! - Bassingbourn Airfield and Tower Museum is far too important to just demolish! I’ll get back to You as soon as I can to give You all an e-mail address to mail to! Everyone that cares should stay on alert! Please mobilize everyone that You have in BG91!!!
    Best regards! Rev Christer Grerot, Sweden, former pilot (as for now - I have another mail-address too if You mail me!)

    1. I live in Bassingbourn about 500 yds from the airfield perimeter, and as yet there has been no firm decision from the Ministry of Defense about the future of the site. In the near future it is going to be used as a training base for Libyan Troops as part of a UN deal following the war out there. After that .....???

  146. Hello:

    I'm seeking the radio call letter for Super Mouse. Conflicting sources have it as either OR*M or OR*N. I'm also looking for information on the sizes of the code letters applied to 91st ships. Specifically the stroke, height and width of the fuselage codes are what I'm after. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,


    1. whoops, my email is

  147. I was doing research on my uncle, John Thomas of the 301BG 419th BS and came across a couple of photos of mechanics in England working on B-17 Werewulf. Would anyone like it? If so tell me how to send it to you.


  148. Hey Ron,
    I adopted the grave of Laurin P Otting of Bull Session. I'm still in contact with the family. Am still looking for the EXACT crash location. You contact me at

  149. I hadn't visited the 91BG website for a while, and was disappointed to hear that the tower museum may be demolished. How sad. I visited the old base in the early 90's, before the tower was a museum. I was fascinated by the history that was made there, at my uncle Harry Smith's base. He was a B-17 radioman in the 324th Sq. in 1943.

    I also visited the tower museum at Framlingham. I wonder if it's still there..

    Steve Smith in S. NM

  150. Greetings all,
    I am about to embarque on a major project, that being a hanging diorama featuring 8 to 10 models of B-17s escorted by P-51s being attacked by Me 262s and other German fighters. I would like it to represent a specific mission that was flown.

    Because of its illustrious history, I'd like the diorama to feature aircraft of the 91st. As I specifically want to include Me 262s, I need it to be one of the later missions of the 91st. So that I can mark them correctly, I need to know the groups to which the German fighters belonged. .

    If you have seen the Keith Ferris B-17 mural at the Smithsonian that is a lot like what I am looking for. That mural depicts a specific mission over Wiesbaden on a specific day. In the mural an FW 190 and an ME109 are seen attacking the B-17s and the names of both of the German pilots is listed and their aircraft marked properly. Yes, I am an historical nit-picker.

    So, if anyone reading this can help out with suggestions, I would be most appreciative.

    Cheers from NYC,

    1. Hello Michael,
      I have some info that may be of use to you.The 401st Bomb Squadron of the 91st Bomb Group flew a mission on 06Mar1944. The target was a ball bearing plant in Berlin. A B-17 named My Darling Also (tail number 42-31578) was in this formation. This was a large scale bombing run comprised of 730 bombers from 3 Bomb Divisions.
      Me 109s of IV./J.G.3 and FW190s of Sturmstaffel 1 assembled to attack the incoming bombers. These units flew to Magdeburg to form a Gefechtsverband made up of units from 1. and 7. Jagddivisionen. The assembled group of fighters numbered 41 in all and were from II. and III./Z.G. 26 as well as those of I. and II./Z.G. 76 and included at least seventy-two Bf-109s and FW190s of the I., II. and IV./J.G. 3, Sturmstaffel 1, Jagdgeschwader 302 and Jagdstaffel Erla.
      One of the pilots from Sturmstaffel 1 used his FW-190 to ram the B-17 (My Darling Also), The German pilots name was Feldwebel Hermann Wahlfeldt who survived the ramming. The collision occurred between the tail assembly and the tail gunner of the B-17.
      The top turret gunner on the B-17 was T/Sgt. James W. Brady who was KIA in that mission with only two surviving aircrew members one of whom was Dana Morse who who wrote about this in his diary and can be found in the 91st Bomb Group web page, under the title of My Last Flight on "My Darling Also".
      T/Sgt. Brady was my mother-in-laws Uncle and Dana and Louise Morse kept in touch with her since the wars end.
      As far as I know from my research and Dana Morse's recollections his B-17 had no nose art, but the tail number is historically accurate.
      Hope I was able to help.

  151. I am doing research on a B-17. The aircraft number is 42-31578 (My Darling Also). This aircraft was part of the 401st Squadron. My wifes great- uncle T/SGT James W. Brady was a top turret gunner, and listed as KIA on 06 Mar 1944, on a raid over Berlin to bomb ball bearing plants. Any pictures of this aircraft would be greatly appreciated as I am building a scale model and would like to include any possible nose art.
    Also any info on a B-17 that was ditched into the Black Sea on 26 Nov 1943. This was T/Sgt Brady's first mission. The only info I have is that it was listed as A/C 795.

  152. Darrell,

    I'm the webmaster of the 91st BG website and coincidentally just received a photo of the Tibbetts crew, which was the crew of Skoal and much of the crew were also on My Darling Also. The crew is standing presumably next to their aircraft. T/SGT James W. Brady is in the photo. I'm going to email this photo to you. The photo and crew lists will be placed on the website in the near future.

  153. Hi My father H. John Luke was deployed to Eighth Air Force 91st Bomb Group 323rd Bassingbourn, UK February 1944 - October 1945. He was the ball turret gunner on the B-17 Nine-0-Nine. My father's crew named the Nine-0-Nine and was the first crew to fly missions on it under this name. Tony Starcher painted the insignia from a picture Jack Grosh the radio operator drew on a piece of paper of Columbus riding a bomb holding a telescope and thumbing his nose at Hitler. My father is 91 years old. I am hoping to find members of his crew that are still living. Pilot Art Klinger; Co-Pilot Clem W. Rider; Engineer John B. Reash; Radio Operator Jack Grosh; Waist Gunner David Bolner; Waist Gunner Larry Sierpin; bombardier Henry Styles; Tail Gunner Richard Murphy.

  154. Rod Luke email

  155. Does anyone have in on William (Bill Walsh) bombardier on the General Ike B-17G 1943? He was from Central Falls, RI

  156. I hope someone responds to you. i have been waiting since March for a response regarding members of my dad's crew of the Nine-O-Nine. Rod Luke

  157. My dad, James L Branch, was a waist gunner on the Royal Flush in the 91st. He was shot down in April of 1943 while flying on the Thunderbird and was taken prisoner of war for the remainder of the war. Sadly he passed away on June 12, 2014. He was a hero for sure.

  158. Anyone know the nickname and nose art of the 491st B.17G code LL*R?

    1. Just found the answer "-17G 44-8324 "Gypsie" (coded LL-R) of the 401st Bomb Sq, 91st BG, Bassingbourn. Probably the most diminutive example of 91st nose art, the ship joined the group 12 September 1944. By 10 January she had flown 30 missions; it was around this time she was re-named (in a much more gaudy fashion) "Blood N' Guts." She flew a total of 59 sorties before the end of the war, returning to the States to be scrapped at Kingman, AZ with so many of her sister ships."

  159. Hello Suzi Shepherd you contacted me using Google Hangouts on June 19, 2014 requesting my email address so you could respond to me regarding my March 7, 2014 question I posted on the 91st bomb group My email address is

    I tried to send an email to you but not sure if you got my message so I am posting my email address here in hopes that you will see it on the blog site and will respond back to me.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Rod Luke.

  160. Hello, I am looking for any photos of the plane "Buccaneer" 42-3162 LL A . It is the plane my grandfather was shot down in, but I have only been able to locate photos of the later "Buccaneer". My email is Thank you!


  161. I am hoping that someone may be able to help me identify aircraft that participated in the mission to Obsechlesen on 11 Jan 44 as I plan to to a scale model hanging diorama of the day. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Email

  162. Hello! My name is Jennifer "STEEL" Wade and I am an F-16 instructor pilot at Luke AFB, AZ. I am separating from the Air Force in April of next year after 12 years of fun so that I can start up a flight school / FBO in my hometown of Walla Walla, WA. I love the rich military history of the Walla Walla airport, especially that from the era of the Ragged Irregulars. Ideally I would like to incorporate that heritage into the FBO along side my heritage and experiences from the military. I e-mailed your web-master from the 91st Bomb Group web-site a while back to gain permission to call my FBO the "Ragged Irregulars" but never received a reply. Now that I found this blog I would like to humbly ask your permission once again. I would also like to invite any or all of you back to Walla Walla for a visit. It is a huge tourism town now with all the wineries. There are actually 18 wineries and one brew pub on the airport itself! I plan to build 3 guest bedrooms in the FBO with a large patio that overlooks the flightline to the West. Any member of the 91st Bomb Group would of course stay for free, provided you bring a good war story and your drinking pants. Whiskey is on the house. I may also steal a quick photo opportunity from you to put on display. Thank you all for your service! -STEEL. or

  163. Hello 91st BG bloggers! My name is Joakim Steinweden and I have found a part of the B-17 "Jeanie", serial no. 44-8501, that was shot down on January the 6th 1945 near Eilscheid, Germany.
    I would like to contact Marion C. Hoffman, the former tailgunner. But the only contact address I found was an old aol address that is not any longer active. Has anyone contact informations for me?
    My email address:
    Thank's in advance for your support,

    1. Today is the 69th anniversary of that fateful day. Remember them.

    2. Correction: 70th. I'm still thinking it's 2014!

  164. Just to report that on November 11th about 100 people congregated around the 91st Bomb Group memorial in Priory Gardens, Royston to commemorate those who gave their lives flying from nearby Bassingbourn air base between 1942 and 1945. Their sacrifice was so that we might live free from tyranny.They shall not be forgot.

  165. Hello to everyone. My name is Ryan Buescher and I am the grandson of Bombardier James Buescher. My grandfather was Lt. James D. Buescher, 91st bomb group, 323rd bomber squadron, aircraft "Bull Sessions". I noticed that the website is missing most of any information on my grandfather, his aircraft, history, pictures, etc. I have his complete service history and many photographs of his time with the 91st. Please email me at so that I can have his info and pictures added to this website! Thank you.

  166. Hello everyone. I am looking for any information on Cpl Ben Dickens, he was a ground crew mechanic with the 401st Bomb group at Bassingbourn. I am his Grandson and have a tatty photograph but that's all I have on him. Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    John Barnes

  167. I am soon to meet up with Mr. George Uihlein, Navigator on Betty Lou's Buggy, 91st BG (H), 324th Squadron. He is 94 yrs young.
    I would love to hear from anyone who may know have any info on his service, stories, photos etc. Also ground crew info.
    I would like to wish all a Merry Christmas and thank you all for your service. I am former USAF, and was at Langley AFB..
    Sil Gleissner PS He navigated B-17 at Bassingborne,UK

  168. Joe Lyons jlyons97@cs.comJanuary 18, 2015 at 11:28 AM

    I'm a scale modeler currently working on a 322nd B-17F, 'LG-L XX-25178. I have a BW photo that pins down all the codes and serials. Trying to find out if there was any nose art. The photo shows external bombs, which is why I became interested in this airplane. I've done about half-a dozen B-17s and B-24s for 8th vets over the years, but this one would be for me

  169. My name is Daniel P Feldhauser, email I am an artist and I am currently working on a graphite drawing of the 'Time's A Wastin' with its crew. The picture was one I copied from World War II B-17 Bomber crews page of the internet. I am curious to know any particulars of the photo--names, dates, what happened to the plane, and if there are any crew members that are still living today. Awaiting your response

  170. You might be interested in my Dad's website, , he is still living at 91 and very sharp... He was a navigator on the B17, 91st bomb group 324th squadron, completed 34 missions and shot down on his 35th and became a POW. Also he wrote a small book and there is link to it on his home page.

    1. opps, my email address is

  171. Patrick J Sammon, USN RETApril 24, 2015 at 7:26 PM

    I've noticed the "Daily" sheets for the 401st are missing the entire month of July, 1944. My Dad Joseph Sammon (POW) was shot down 20JUL44. I've also noticed, under the KIA listing, the MACR (definition?) for that day was #7281. Is the MACR available anywhere?
    FYI, thanks for all the hard work to everyone who contributed their time and talents in producing what exists. I bet it was hard work.

    1. You can find the 401st Dailies for July 1944 by clicking on the link located near the top of the 401st Dailies page that will open the pdf file. Use the search feature and search specifically for Sammon, It will save you some time.

      91st BG Webmaster

  172. As well as being a Vietnam vet, I am a virtual B-17 pilot in the 401st Bomb Squadron on the 91st Bomb Group Reenactor Website. I have painted two textures for the A2A B-17G, both "Peg O' My Heart", John R. "Westie" Westwood's aircraft. In Ray Bowden's book he refers to the 401st Peg' as being painted for then Major Westie the Ops Officer on the left side of the new B-17G and then Colonel Sheeler asked Tony Stacer to paint noseart on the right side of his wife Marian. Does anyone have a photo of THAT noseart that you can digitize and share with me? There is no photo of that in Ray's book and I don't want to add something that is incorrect. Thank you all for your service. My Dad and Uncle were both WWII Navy vets. Dad on U-boat patrol in the Atlantic and Uncle Bert on the USS Breton a "Baby Carrier" in the Pacific. I was aboard USS America CVA-66 in Vietnam for two tours.

    my email is:

  173. Hello all:

    I'm looking for information regarding the red coloration of the 91st tails and wingtips from July 44 until the end of hostilities. Was painting red tails on 91st ships an order to be complied with by a certain date? I ask because there's a small debate ongoing as to whether or not certain aircraft (specifically 42-31333, 322nd BS, LG*W, "Wee Willie") had the red tails at the time of her demise on April 8, 1945. It is my belief that the red coloration of the tails, stabs and wingtips was an order and would have been applied to all 91st aircraft without exception. I don't want history rewritten but if I am mistaken, I would like to know. To date, I have not yet seen one color photograph of 91st BG aircraft (taken after July 1944) that did not have red tails, stabs and wingtips. All my 91st reference books (and I have as many as I can possibly get) corroborate my position.

  174. I wanted to let you know that Leon Chevallier mentioned here: Vol. 41 No. 1
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    Jan 3, 2008 ... Leon Chevallier, who was 16 at the time, a farmer and a member of the French Resistance, picked up one of the propellers from Chow-hound ...
    Died on 10 June 2015. He was very proud of his resistance work with the allied forces during WWII.

  175. I have found an old photo of a plane and crew. It says Superstitious Aloysius on it but the artwork doesn't match any I have seen online. the letterng is straight with Superstitious directly above the Aloysius andhas obviously picks of bombs dropped etc. I know my uncle worked as a mechanic of some of the plans but no idea which ones. I would appreciate any info on this photo. I will be happy to send a copy of the photo to whoever replies. It contains crew members and such which i know nothing of. My email is

  176. Hello, On the Crew Photo for B-17 "Easy Does It" you list the Pilot as Don Speakmen. My Great uncle Don (Donald) Freer was the Pilot of this B-17 when she was shot down Dec. 5, 1944. He spent 6 months in a German POW Camp.

  177. My e-mail is Paul D. Skinner, MSGT. USAF Retired

  178. My dad, Robert J. Powers, was a member of the 401st squadron of the 91st Bomber Group. I recognize him as a crew of the Hey Daddy ship in a photo on the website and would like to add his name to the photo. Also, in the Folded Wings section of the website, I need to correct the year of death listed for my dad; he died in December 1995 and not 1997. Finally, I request permission to post the photo of the Hey Daddy ship to my Facebook page. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Barbara Powers Burch email:

  179. I am doing a texture for the Aeroplane Heaven B17F that has just been released for Flight Simulator X and P3D of Oklahoma Okie DF-Z 324th BS 91st BG. I have gotten a lot of photos and information including the MACR. My problem is I have a great photo from the 4x5 neg of the noseart on the left side but can't for the life of me decipher what is in the cloud. I know that Jim Ross the waist gunner survived from my research if he is still with us or anyone else who knows or has a closeup clear photo please email me at if you can tell me what that artwork is of. Thank you.

    Richard Lund

  180. Hello

    I'm a WWII researcher and a year ago an old men contacted me because he witnessed a crash of a B17 in august 1943. With his information I had only 1 match:
    The crash of V-Packet" (OR-S)Boeing B-17F-40-BO Flying Fortress s/n 42-5225
    from 323rd BS, 91st BG, 8th AF.

    We want to make a monument on the location in remembrance. I did find some pictures of the crew but I'm just nog sure if I correct.
    Who can help me? please contact me at

    Kind regards

    Gil Geerings

  181. Can anyone give me information on a B17 tail marking that was a squareA. Please contact me at

  182. Hi. Looking for any information regarding my father, James Joseph McKee, who was a tail gunner and then a bombardier in 324th of the 8th (Heavy). My mom thought the word "Lucky" was part of his plane's name. Thank you

  183. ry Hall or anyone who can help me, please. I am looking for a picture of my Uncle Ssgt. Victor Hamrick (Waist Gunner) WWII plane Serial #42-5337. I understand that you have one, please? Blessings! Boeing B-17F Serialnumber: # 42-5337 Type: B-17F Nickname: Short Snorter III Destination: Bremen, Germany MACR: 16090 Pilot Lt. Nathan Lindsay My email