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Looking for information about a family member or friend that was in the 91st BG?

Please post your request or comment here if you're looking for information about a family member or friend from the 91st BG.

The 91st BG veterans do not respond to posts on this blog, so you must include your email address in order for them to send an email directly to you after performing their research into your question.


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  2. Hello,
    I'm researching information about my father, George G Burnette Jr. He was a bombardier in the 322nd sq. He served from Jan - Apr 1945. He flew on the Madame Shoo Shoo. I'm wondering if anyone knew him or perhaps was a crew member with him. I'm trying to find out on which mission he was shot down. My father died in 1981 of a heart problem. I'm not sure how blogs work, but I can also be contacted at

  3. Just looking for some information about my grandfather. John Callaway, he flew on the Chow-hound. I know he started as the left waist gunner, and then i believe the top turret. I recently found a picture of him that said his nickname was "Judge", and when I asked my father how papaw had gotten the nickname, he was unsure. Unfortunately I was In high school when my grandfather passed, and never was able to question about the war. I would love to find out whatever I can about my grandfather, and share it with my father. So if anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much. Joan
    my email is

  4. My name is John Anderson and I am the nephew of Lt. Julius D.C. Anderson. Julius was KIA over Neuenkirchen, Germany on March 29, 1944, his 23rd mission. I have inherited all of his notes and letters and in the process of creating a document that can be handed down to future generations so that he will be remembered. I would love to hear from crew members or friends of Julius.

  5. hello,
    I am looking for any information available on the crew and history of the B-17g Chow Hound. I would also like some additional information on the navigator, 2Lt lamond (Buck) Bailey, or the D.R. Devil.

  6. If you are requesting information, please provide your email or email me at:

    Jim Shepherd

  7. Im looking for info about my grandfather. He was a tailgunner on a B-17 in the 322nd Squadron. His name was Elton "Eagle" Wilmeth and he was from west Texas. My name is Zach. My email is

  8. My email is

  9. Hi, my name is Lee Hauser ( My step-father, Leonard Gamblin of Tacoma, Wash. was an engineer/top turret gunner in the 91st from mid to late 1943 all the way through until spring of 1945. My mother reports he was at RAF Bassingbourn and was on a ship headed stateside on V-E day. He also flew C-124 Globemasters in Korea. He passed away in May, 1996 of leukemia. He never spoke much about his war experience, so any information would be appreciated!

  10. To: Lee Hauser
    I checked the web page "Search" for the name of Gamblin and nothing was found. Suggest you try to check some of his records so me might be able to find him. We will need your email address if you reply to this comment.
    Jim Shepherd

  11. I am looking for a B17 pilot named Louis G. Starks. He was my instructor in flight school at Fort Rucker Alabama in 1964 working for Ross Aviation, Inc.. Please email me at

  12. Hello everyone, I'm looking for any information anyone may have regarding 2LT Milton L.Pike of 323 Squadron. Milton was a Navigator on Mission 118 aboard "My Desire". He died along with four colleagues after a successful ditching in the North Sea, 3 Mar 1944. I know the Captain of the flight, 1LT Walter Merritt Pickard, (passed away in 2003), has written a book "The god's smiled: A Memoir" (available on btw). I've also been able to determine the other four casualties in the incident, but do not know the other four survivors of the ditching. I would love to hear from anyone who may have any information/photographs, as I am researching a piece for memorial day for our local paper regarding one of our brave sons, Milton L Pike. Thanks for reading ! Kindest regards, Duncan Massey, Blaine WA.

  13. Hello. I'm trying to find out more about a friend, S/Sgt. George O'Dea who bailed out on October 9, 1943 on a run to Anklam in plane #178. Lt. Judy was the pilot. George is now deceased. He had just joined Lt. Judy's crew and he probably flew earlier missions. Thanks.
    Bob Denningham.

  14. My tech rep on my 2nd tour overseas was on the Black Thursday raid...his name was Bill Adamson. the squadron is unknown to me. He was a top turret gunner/engineer...Last time I saw Bill he was in the San Diego area in the mid 80's....anyone know Bill or his where abouts?

  15. Jim Shepherd, Jr.April 24, 2009 at 1:39 PM

    To Duncan Massey from Mike Banta (324th squadron and 91st Ringmaster:

    Hi Duncan,
    The story of the loss of our B-17 "My Desire" was one of the most tragic stories encountered by the 91st Bomb Group during the 340 combat missions we flew and the 197 B-17s that we lost during WW II.

    Below you will find our summary taken from MACR 3222 of the loss of our B-17, "My Desire" which was being flown by the Pickard crew which resulted in Milton L. Pike being missing in action. This summary is also attached as you can read it more clearly if printed from the attachment. It contains all the names of the crew: The five missing in action and the five rescued. None of the rescued airmen belong to our 91st BGMA so we don't have a current address for any of them. Perhaps one of our Ring participants has such information in their personal files. For this reason, we are sending a copy of this e-mail to them and asking them to let you know directly to your E-mail address, with a copy to me for my files.

    Mike Banta, 91st Ringmaster

  16. Trying to gather information on my g'uncle, Charles Carter Baird, I believe is the same Charles Baird who is as the F/Sgt of the 323rd Ground Crew within this website.

    Do not know what happened to him after the war, Have a couple of pre WWII photos of him in uniform.

    George Frantz
    Lafayette, IN

  17. I am looking for any information anyone may have about my grandfather. He was S/SGT Burdette E Conner from Illinois, also went by Bob Conner. He was a B-17 tail gunner, and Lowell Getz wrote of him in his book "Mary Ruth" Memories of Mobile...We Still Remember. I am looking for any stories or photos of him in the war.

    Tiffany DeCarlo
    Hanover Park, IL

  18. Regarding above post - If it helps anyone remember or locate information, S/SGT Burdette E. Conner (Bob) was in the 401st squadron. Thanks much!

    Samantha Goff
    (Another granddaughter & Tiffany's sister)

  19. Yolanda Charlton (Cable)May 18, 2009 at 9:01 PM

    I am so impressed with this site. My son just happened upon it and I am thrilled. I was 10 months old when my dad, Capt. Ray T. Cable, went down in a B-47 near New Foundland along with his navigator. Only the co-pilot survived. I only know some info on him from my mom but if anyone has any information on him and what he was like, etc. I would truly appreciate it. I do have some info from the military but you know how that is. Anything would be great.

  20. I am looking for any info on my dad, Jack Howard Cassell. He was in the 401st. Any info, people who knew him, or even photos. I thought I remembered him telling me he flew on "The Heats On" but the only picture I found online did not include him. Anything would be appreciated.

  21. I am responding to a recent post regarding former B-17 pilot Louis G. Starks. Mr. Starks is my grandfather. I tried emailing you at your Earthlink account to no avail. I would be happy to assist you with information regarding my grandfather.


  22. TJS: We need your email address to reply. Mine is

    Jim Shepherd

  23. Mr. Shepherd -

    please contact me at


  24. I am looking for info on my Dad. His name was Francis A McCusker, flew in England as a tailgunner in a B-17 over Germany during 1943-45 He also was known as "slim" as he was tall and very thin. He loved to tell jokes and had a great sense of humor. Anyone remembering him or having any info about a guy from Langley Air base write me at

  25. Hi, My Dad was in the 8th Air Force, 91st Bombardment Group, 324th Bombbardment Squadron. His name was Patrick N.Boggs. I thought he was a pilot but my sister said he was a Navigator. He is deceased now but I would like to find out the name of his plane and if anyone knew him or has any pictures of his plane with him in front of it. I would appreciate it. Thank you, Rita Boggs Davis: email adress: Walhalla, SC

  26. Hi, I am looking for information and/or pictures on my uncle, SSgt. Edward F. Simon, waist gunner in the 91st BG, 324th. squadron. He was KIA on June 22, 1943 while flying a mission in No.998 to Huls, Germany. He also flew a mission on May 21, 1943 in No. 527, Great Speckled Bird. I am his namesake and you can reach me at

    Many thanks, Ed Breitenstein

  27. Good afternoon, my grandfather, Olon Leathers was a crew chief (Stup N Takit) in the 323rd Ground Crew in 1942-1945. He still has vivid memories of his time in the military. Do you have additional pictures, or a website or information that I can share with my grandfather? I'm happy to share information why your website was so important to us. I can be contacted at

    Best regards,
    L. Kuhns

  28. To Ed Breitenstein re: Edward F. Simon - from Mike Banta (324th Sq.):

    Research performed by the 91st BG E-mail Ring brought up the following information on your uncle, Edward F. Simon, tail gunner on the Slattery crew. It appears that the Slattery crew was on its first mission when it was lost to German fighters. We have copied below the 324th mission summary which graphically tells what the 324th Squadron faced on this mission to a synthetic rubber factory at Huls, Germany. We also emailed you our Casualty Report for the loss of your uncle's crew. Your uncle was a true hero, flying his mission at the most dangerous time of 8th Air Force's air battle of Europe. We salute his heroism. Freedom isn't free. It was bought by the brave actions of our military men who have their last full measure to keep the world free.
    Pilot Lt. Joseph E. Slattery - 8 KIA, 2 POW - MACR 15576 (47) Huls
    22 June 1943
    A/C Pilot Claims Casualties Battle Damage Remarks
    069 Lt. Smith (Records incomplete)
    998 Lt. Slattery (Missing in action)
    527 Lt. Jackson (Records incomplete)
    921 Lt. DeBaun (Abortive - malfunction of ball turret)
    Target: Synthetic rubber factory
    Squadron Losses: one (10 missing)
    Group Losses: 5 (1 Killed, 6 wounded, 50 missing)
    Remarks: One of the most accurage attacks of the war. Target completely washed out. Photographs of bombs bursting on target and billowing smoke one of the pictures of the war. Weather 5/10 to 8/10. Enemy air oppostion was by far the worst yet experienced by this group, between 150 and 175 E/A attacked. Nearly all were FW 190 with a few ME 109's and two JU 88's reported. Encounters lasted one hour fifteen minutes and some crews reported as many as fifty attacks. Attacks from all sides. Flak at target was intense, accurate and a barrage type. Claims were 4 - 1 - 0.

  29. To L. Kuhns re: Olon Leathers from Mike Banta (324th Sq.):

    The following answer was provided by the 91st BG E-mail Ring. The 91st had two B-17s in the 323rd Bomb Squadron with names that were very alike, Stupen-taket 42-24549 OR-Q and Stupntakit 42-29559 OR-Q. Both had the same radio call letters but the second mentioned B-17 followed after the first had been shot down. We believe you are asking about the second named Stupntakit. There are several items on our website regarding Stupntakit but the name must be entered exactly on the search page as we have it typed into the text of our website.

    Your grandfather's name was included in two places in the 323rd dailies. You can read these on the website. We feel sure that he will remember both of these instances vividly. You could also purchase Ray Bowden's wonderful book, "Plane Names and Fancy Noses," from our website which carries an article on every 91st named B-17. Since Stupntakit was a 91st B-17, there is an article. There is a picture in the book of the ground crewman. Perhaps one of them is your grandfather.

  30. plane 998 crashed at Bungern 3 miles SE of Bocholt
    shot down by fighters

    s/sgt Edward F Simon was burried on 25 june 1943 in the city cemetery of Bocholt
    grave nr 61

    now burried in the ardennenes
    i can mail you the MARC if you want

  31. Hello everyone. I am trying to get the name of the plane flown by my wifes uncle, Samuel Lewis Evans. The last plane he flew was number 519 and he was shot down on April 19, 1944. He passed away a few years ago and last week his brother, my wifes father passed away. We are tryingg to put together a history of each of their military service for the family. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill

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  33. The "Zootie Cutie" photo's caption asks "what squadron?". I have a picture of the Zootie Cutie, with the aircrew, on my office wall. My grandfather, George L. Montena, was a Ball turret and Tail gunner in the 401st in 1944. I could scan and send to you if you would like.

  34. I have some information available about the 23rd November 1942 mission to St. Nazaire. I collated the information as one of the aircraft 'Shiftless skonk' ditched near where I live here in U.K. If you are interested please contact me on

  35. I have a print that I recently found in the loft of the 324th 'Memphis Belle' signed by lots of aircrew and family members. Evidently it was originally painted by T. Weddel. Does anyone know anything about this print/artist? as the name is not familiar to us folks in the U.k. Contact me on

  36. Hi my name is Brandi Johnson and my Grandfather was part of the 91st bomb group until 1945. We are alittle shady on most of the details. He now suffers from Alzheimer's and cant get much info for that reason. He was a ball turret gunner (?) and was stationed at Bassingbourn Air Base in England. I have gotten most of my info from a huge box of pictures and papers that we have. His name was Russell Senior and he was from Pennsylvania. His aircraft ID code was "Triangle A".

    The other info we have found is 1st Bomb Division, 1st Combat Bomb Wing and 91st Bomb Group. If anyone has any information or pictures it would be greatly appreciated. I always remember him telling me stories when I was a child and I would love to have more information. Thank you for your time. My email is

  37. Hello! We're Jeremy & Gail Harper. Jeremy's Grandfather - Claude E. Harper was a radio operator/waist gunner on Sherry's Cherries (borrowed) shot down on November 2, 1944. He was part of Faris's Crew - and regularly was crew to the Mary Lou. We're looking for any photos/information anyone can provide.

    Our email is

    Thank you.

  38. To Bill (re: Samuel Lewis Evans):

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    We are the participants in the 91st BG E-mail Ring (101 91st Bomb Group veterans, ages 82 to 97, and 91st BGMA associate members) who answer questions for searches. We represent all periods of time that the 91st was active and so some of us can answer almost any question.

    Your wife's uncle, Samuel Lewis Evans, was the 1st pilot on Army serial number 42-97519, "Spirit of Billy Mitchel", 401st Bomb Squadron of our 91st Bomb Group, radio call letters LL-A. on 19 April 1944 Sam and his crew of nine airmen were attacked by German fighters on the way to the target which was the Eschwege air field near Kassel, Germany. During the attack the B-17 in which they were flying exploded in mid-air prior to the bomb run. Six of the nine crew members were wounded by the fighters action prior to the explosion. Four were killed in the explosion while six survived to become Prisoners Of War. Your Wife's uncle, while wounded in the air, as you know, was one of the survivors.

    We have attached our Casualty Report which was condensed from the Missing Air Crew Report (MACR 4048). You will find it full of information as to the loss of his crew. It is much easier to read if it is downloaded and printed.

    It's wonderful that you are preparing memories of those relatives who fought in the great battles of WWII. Samuel Lewis Evans was a true hero as were all the men on his crew, six of whom gave their last full measure to keep our world free. Our Creator gave us certain inalienable rights among which are "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" but many have put their live on the line while there buddies gave their lives to keep this concept a reality.

  39. Hi Brandi,

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    We are the participants in the 91st BG E-mail Ring (101 91st Bomb Group veterans, ages 82 to 97, and 91st BGMA associate members) who answer questions for searches. We represent all periods of time that the 91st was active and so some of us can answer almost any question.

    We're sorry but the information you sent to us isn't enough for us to do a through search. Perhaps you can find the Squadron in which he was assigned, the name of his pilot, the name of his B-17 or other information by which we can narrow don the search for your grandfather, Russell Senior.

    Our Ring participants include several premier 91st Bomb Group historians and researchers. We are sending your request to all our Ring participants and asking them if they have information on Russell Senior. If they do they will send the information to you at your E-mail address, with a copy to me for my files.


    I met today for the 1st time with Hugh McNeal jr., in Virginia, who was a navigator on the last mission - bombing over Halle, Germany on April 17, 1945, approx. 8:30- 9:00 am. - This was the only and last mission at the very end of WWII. The city of Halle was flattened, same as Leipzig close by, under the same mission/attack.

    Salvator Parisi (bombardiere)from N.J. (family from Palermo, Italy) and pilot Donald Martinson from Chicago area and co-pilot Donald Collansey (California) were in the same plane -B17 - with Hugh McNeal - as he can remember it today.
    There were 3 Squadrons of 9 planes ea. on this mission on April 17.1945. 2 Squadrons went to Leipzig and the lingering Squadron stayed over Halle to finish their mission.

    PLEASE - I am looking for anyone still alive serving on this mission over Halle, Germany.
    I want to thank every one who was on this mission - especially the Pilots,Bombarderes, everyone responsible for NOT bombing the hospital in the center of Halle, Germany.
    Bombs were flying everywhere destroying the city, the windows of the Hospital shattered from the enormous impact, the noise un-imaginable. All doctors, nurses, staff were in the basement -except for one midwife and - my mother.
    I know that, because I was there. At that very moment of the bombing - my mother was upstairs in the hospital - giving birth to - me.

    I WANT TO THANK EVERY MAN ON THIS MISSION - alive today - who was responsible for leaving the Hospital in the center of Halle standing.


    My name is Renate Rickert (my american husband is retired Air Force) pls. respond to:
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH - this has been my wish for many years.

    CORRECTION -sorry, I am looking for anyone still alive, who has served (who is not 'still serving') on this mission of Halle, Germany, - the one and only - on the day of April 17, 1945, at 8- 9 am local time.

  42. I recently aquired an air medal with two oak clusters.It was awarded to TSGT Garner Walters who was a radioman on the B 17 Spirit of'44,then was lost during the crash landing of Bostons bombshell in 1944.Both planes were 322 sq,91st Bomb group.Any info on this Gentleman,Garner would be appreciated.Please reply to Thanks,

  43. Philip S Cardin was a radio operator on the Vertigo in the 323rd. The Vertigo was lost on March 4, 1943. Philip was my uncle and I would like any information that is available on his service. Philip was much older than and seperated from many of his younger siblings and I need to know as much as possible. I have not been able to find any pictures of the Vertigo and its crew. Also, if anyone knows how I could find out if any remains were found from his crew. I would be eternally grateful. Thank you, Randy Cardin

  44. to randy

    i have Ssgt Cardin as an WG on the plane 41-24549"Stupit Takit"flew by Capt McCarty
    2 men became POW
    8 men were KIA

    4 men are burried in the cemetery of the Ardennes in belgium ( P, RO, WG, TG)
    Ssgt Philip S Cardin and 1lt James T Hill (CP)
    couldn't be indentify and received a group burial in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery on 27 april 1950

  45. Can anyone provide some information about 2Lt Robert E. Hardister of 401st BS? So far I have only been able to find the following two pieces of information:

    26 June 1944 2Lt Robert E. Hardister joined 401st BS, 91st BG.

    12 July 1944 42-38144 LL-O "Jezebel" Pilot-In-Command 2Lt Robert E. Hardister participated in raid against Munich.

    I have come into possession of 2LT Hardister's flying suit an dwould like to learn more about him.

    Steen Hartov
    trade2"at" (replace "at" with the correct email sign)

  46. I am assisting my father who is looking for information about his brother GLENN N. MAC DONALD ASN 12085583 killed on a mission to bomb rubber factory at Nuls, Germany on or about June 22 or 23, 1943. He was with the 91st BG, 324 Bomb Squadron, stationed at Bassingbourn, England. We saw his name on the casualty list but would like information on how he died. Any information concerning his deather would be appreciated. He was a radio operator on B17 bomber. Thank you:

  47. Lisa Parrott ThurmanAugust 4, 2009 at 12:54 PM

    My father, Leonard G. Parrott (85 years old) is just now talking about his WWII experiences. I received a box of pictures several weeks ago and can't quit searching the internet. He says he was a member of the 8th Air Force 91st BG. I'm not sure where to start or what to look for. I would like ANY information on he and his missions.

  48. Lisa Parrott ThurmanAugust 4, 2009 at 1:02 PM

    Lisa Parrott Thurman's email address is

  49. Answer to Glenda: According to the book "The Ragged Irregulars of Bassingbourn" the Nuls raid took place on June 22nd, 1943. The only 324th BS plane lost in that mission was 42-29998, code DF-J. The record states that the aircraft failed to return due to actions by a German fighter. The plane crashed at or near Bungern in Western Germany, close to the Dutch border. The pilot of record was Lt. Joseph E. Slattery; eight crew members are listed as killed in action and two as prisoners of war. More information may be found in Missing AirCrew Report #15576, National Archives, Record Group 92.

  50. My Uncle Boleslaw F Zmijewski was a top turret gunner on a B-17 serial 42-32072 401st BS, 91st BG. He was shot down on April 27, 1944 and taken prisoner he spent 13 months in stalag 17b thats all I know if anyone has any othe rinfo pleas get in touch with me at I would love to find some pics of his plane and crew.

  51. Does anybody have any aircraft or crew photos of "Bunky" or "Strictly GI"? My grandfather flew right seat for a while on one then left seat on the other. His name was Robert E Gould. He passed a fiew years ago and I would like to aquire copies of any out there for the family. Thanks Rob Andersen.

  52. I am the nephew of 1st Lt. Frank J. Fusaro (B)who was a member of the 91st Bombardment Group, 322nd Bombardment Squadron assigned to the squadron 6 April 1945. He passed away in April 1973 and I am trying to collect any information about his war service to preserve for the next generation of his family. Please respond to me at Thank You Peter A. Ferrara

  53. To R:

    On, there is an aircraft/crew photo of Bunky and a crew photo of Strictly GI. However, we don't have names of the Bunky crew members yet. There is also a search function on the website. You can find your grandfather listed at

  54. My dad was Jerome Damron, Jr. I think he had something to with the bombs. At any rate, Dad and Mom have both passed away but I was wondering a little about Dad's life in England.
    If there is anyone who remembers Dad and who his civilian friends were, please contact me at

  55. Looking for photo of my father Gerald B. Moore,that was supplied to local newspaper by theU.S. AAF around may 1944 It shows dad Corp. Moore age 25, installing hub dome on Q for QUEENIE. Dad was squadron prop specialist.. Info is from faded newspaper picture.. Have found dads name in the dalies were him and my mother were married... Dad also mentioned as working on Dame Satan.. If anyone has any info. can contact me at Thanks and GOD BLESS!!!

  56. Hi Jeremy and Gail,

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    Our web page ( has a picture of the Faris crew in which Jeremy's grandfather, Claude E. Harper, appears.

    The Faris crew was one of the 13 crews shot down on the 2 November 1944 mission to bomb the Synthetic oil refinery at Mersberg. This was the greatest loss of B-17s of any of the 340 missions flown by the 91st Bomb Group during WW II. Our casualty Report for this mission states "Shot down by German fighters." Radio room, Bomb bay and wings on fire. Intercom and Oxygen system shot out. Those in the rear could not be warned." Thus the ball turret gunner, the waist gunner and the tail gunner were KIA while those forward of the waist partition bailed out and became POWs.

    We emailed you a copy of the 323 dailies which Ring participants took from hard to read microfiche and converted it by transcription to computer readable text. It appears that the Faris crew had flown 24 missions including the mission of 2 November 1944. The dailies indicate he was on his 24th mission when shot down. However, this may not be completely accurate due to our transcribing from very difficult to read microfiche.

    We are also sending a download of all the B-17s that flew in the 91st Bomb Group. Beside Faris' name you will find a three digit number. This is the last three digits in the B-17 serial number his crew was flying that day. If you put the last three digits in this file's "Find" box, it will bring up the file on that B-17. Keep clicking until the last three numbers appear in the serial number of a B-17. Since more than one 91st B-17 may have the same last three numbers in it's serial number, Click at least one more time to see if other B-17s have these last three numbers. The meaning of the different codes in the B-17 file are listed alphabetically at the beginning of the B-17 file.

    We are sending your request for information on Claude E. Harper to all our Ring participants and asking them if they have information concerning him. If they do they will send the information to you at your E-mail address with a copy to me for my files.

    We have copied three pictures of Mary Lou, 323rd, and one picture of Sherries Cherries,401st, and a listing of the Faris crew below.
    Mike Banta, 91st Ringmaster

    SHERRIES CHERRIES 42-97984 MIA 2 November 1944
    (P) lLt James Faris (Pow)
    (CP) lLt Richard L White (Pow)
    (N) lLt Norman L Passeger (Pow)
    (B) 2Lt John F Werner (Pow)
    (TT) T/Sgt Robert L Taylor (Pow)
    (RG) T/Sgt Claude E Harper (Pow)
    (BT) S/Sgt Paul E Vinecourt (Kia)
    (WG) S/Sgt Theodore K Knapp (Kia)
    (TG) S/Sgt Melvin F Wagner (Kia)

  57. Hi Renate,

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    We are sorry but the information you received from our veterans on the Martinson crew flying our B-17, 43-38379, radio call letters 323-0, "Margie," was incorrect. That day we were bombing the Southern marshaling yards in Dresden. I recall the mission well as I was flying deputy squadron lead and had my two wing men shot down by there ME-262s that came at our element from behind and out of our contrails.

    Our last mission of the was flown by the 91st Bomb Group was on 25 April 1945 and the target was to bomb an airfield at Pilsen Czechoslovakia.

    None the less, we are delighted that the 8th Air Force bombers that attacked Hulls spared the hospital where your mother was delivering a bundle of joy, Renate Rickert. We do hope you can find the correct bomb groups that spared the hospital at Halle.
    Mike Banta, 91st Ringmaster.

  58. Hello Rita. (re: Patrick Boggs)

    (posted for Lowell Getz)

    Sorry, but I have not been able to come up with any photos of your dad.

    From the information in your msg, which gives his rank and serial number, it appears he was a ground crewman in the 324th Squadron. Only officers were navigators or pilots. And, enlisted air crewmen were at least Sgt; most were S/Sgt or T/Sgt. Whether he was assigned
    to a specific aircraft ground crew or worked in a shop, I cannot tell. I have been told by another ground crewman that the battle
    stars listed on his discharge papers were awarded the ground crewmen.

    Your dad may have flown on B-17s that had had major repairs done on them; when they were flown over England to check out the repairs. He
    may also have been flown over the continent after the war when bombers took ground crewmen over targets that the Group had bombed
    so they could see the results of their work on the aircraft.

    Beyond that, there is not much else I can trace regarding your dad. There is no record that I know of that lists the ground crewmen and
    their responsibilities. Hopefully, someone who was a ground crewman in the 324th and belongs to the 91st Memorial Association will remember him and get in touch with you. Otherwise, just too many years have passed and so many have left us.

    Lowell Getz

  59. Hello:

    My father is Charles "Buck" Buchanan who was the pilot of Little Patches. He flew missions from August of 1944 to the 2nd of November of 1944, with Merseburg being his last mission. He also started to talk about his time in the service recently, although most memories are faint. I searched the dailies for the 401st but they only go through June 1944. Is there any way I could see the dailies for the second half of 1944? Also, if anyone served with my father I would like you to know that when he does speak of his service, he speaks very highly of his crew and those who flew with him.
    Karen McGill

  60. hi my name is dan schafer im looking for info on my dad. his name was lyman j schafer. flew lt. hackleman,lt karlac,lt jordan,lt jones,ssgt mcpowers, sgt payne, ssgt berty, sgt kolence & sgt grabowski. i hope i didnt spell any names wrong. looking for photos the nam of there plane or all i can get. my email is thanks to all dan

  61. Nothing on my Uncle? I will be attending a family reunion in a few weeks and would like to have a little something to share with my family maybe a photo or two.


  62. Ray,

    I believe your uncle (Boleslaw F Zmijewski)is mentioned in the 91st BG Dailies at Check it out.

  63. I see the 401's dailes only go up to 30JUN1944. My Dad, Joseph Sammon, was the copilot in Destiny's Child when it was shot down 20JUL44. Will the remainder of the dailies ever be posted?
    Also, the second crew photo of Destiny's Child has name tags covering the crewmen, a number of which are covering the wrong individuals, including my Dad. I have the original photo and was wondering how/where to download a copy for the site. Thanks. Patrick J. Sammon

  64. If you request information about the 91st, you MUST provide an email address to receive an answer.
    Jim Shepherd

  65. I am looking for anyone who might recall my uncle, SSG Allen Middleton. Was radio operator/gunner in 91st. Was killed in action over St Nazaire on 16 February 1943. I believe his pilot was Lt Brill.

  66. I see the 401's dailes only go up to 30JUN1944. My Dad, Joseph Sammon, was the copilot in Destiny's Child when it was shot down 20JUL44. Will the remainder of the dailies ever be posted?
    Also, the second crew photo of Destiny's Child has name tags covering the crewmen, a number of which are covering the wrong individuals, including my Dad. I have the original photo and was wondering how/where to download a copy for the site. Thanks. Patrick J. Sammon, FYI, 91stBG Life member.

  67. In my father's papers were pictures of a woman named "Audrie", there are also a couple letters she wrote to him....---a British woman he met while stationed in Bassingborne. Curious to find out a last name and if she is still living.

    No last name on the letters and realize this is next to impossible to track. Hoping someone will remember her and her last name etc.

    My father was George Genotti, a mechanic w/the 91st bomb group 323 stationed in Bassingborne.


  68. Just found something w/her last name. Her name was Audrey (or Audrie) Littler.

  69. This is addressed to anyone who can help.

    My Father's name was Phil K Baxter. He was in the first deployment of the 91st heavy bombardment group to Bassingbourn in October of 1942. He served in the 324th squadron's Commander's crew as bombidear. The plane he died in was Major Smelser's B-17 "Pandora's Box" The plane's number was 41-24"503". He and the crew were lost in the Channel along with planes #41-24"506" The Shiftles Skonk and #41-24"479" Sad Sack. These losses occured on the disasterous raid of November 23, 1942 on the submarine base at St. Nazaire, France. As I understand it there were only 4 planes that day that formed up and went on to the target. The above Three planes were shot down durring the raid and a fourth was so badly damaged that it crashed on landing back in England and five of those ten crew members died from enemy fire or the crash.

    Can anyone help me with details. A picture of the plane, crew and nose art would be wonderful to have. I was born in the summer of 1943 and was so very fortunate to have been raised by a very loving family but they never talked about Phil Jr. When they tried they were always overcome with tears and could not continue.

    At age 67 I have become deeply interested in his life and death that I might in some way get to know him. He shipped out for England and didn't know about me until he got the letter from his wife (my mother) in Bassingbourn. He died shortly there after. My Email address is JPBAXTER@AOL.COM

    Thank You

  70. To Randy Cardin (re: Philip S. Cardin):

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    In checking our files, we find that your uncle, Philip S Cardin, was flying on the crew of Martin McCarty in our B-17F, 41-24549, 323rd Bomb Squadron, radio call letters OR Q, named Stupen-Takit. We have emailed you a downloadable file our Casualty Report for his crew. this Casualty Report gives details of what occurred when this B-17 was lost on 4 April 1943. It also gives what happened to each crew member and plot numbers of the graves of those who were killed when their B-17 exploded. Unfortunately no grave number is listed for your uncle but his remains probably were among those unidentified individuals who received a group burial in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery on 27 April 1950 per the casualty report.

    Stupen-taket was among the nine original B-17 of the 323rd Bomb Squadron and your uncle's crew was among the original crews. They flew during the most dangerous part of the 8th Air Force's strategic bombing of German occupied Europe. You can be assured that your uncle was a true hero gave his life to keep the world free. Freedom isn't free. Your uncle gave the rest of his young life to give us freedom in our time. The mission on which he was KIA was a mission for which the 91st Bomb Group received one of it's two "Distinguished Unit Citations."

  71. To Glenda (re: Glenn N. MacDonald):

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    We have assembled from our general files information regarding your uncle's final moments. Our mission to Huls to bomb a synthetic rubber factory at Huls, Germany, on 22 June 1943 was one of the most successful but also most costly of the 342 missions flown by the 91st Bomb Group during WW II. Five of the 91st bomb group's B-17s failed to return,

    This apparently was the first mission flown by your uncle's crew with Lt. Slattery as pilot. The B-17 which they were flying was also brand new. It had been assigned to the 91st on 7 June 1943 and missing in action on 22 June 1943 before any name was painted on it's nose.
    Immediately below, summed up in few words is the history of B-17 Serial # 42-29998
    Serial # 42-29998, 324 Bomb Squadron, Radio call letters DF J, 07 06 43 Assigned to the 91st BG, 22 06 43 Failed to return. Shot down by German Fighters. Crashed near Bungem, ? - Pilot Lt Joseph E. Slattery - 8 KIA, 2 POW MACR 15576

    Copied below is the Mission Summary for the 324th Bomb Squadron to which your Uncle was assigned.

    (47) Huls 22 June 1943


    069 Lt. Smith (Records incomplete)
    998 Lt. Slattery (Missing in action)
    527 Lt. Jackson (Records incomplete)
    921 Lt. DeBaun (Abortive - malfunction of ball turret.)

    Target: - Synthetic rubber factory

    Squadron Losses: - one (10 missing)

    Group Losses: - 5 ( 1 killed, 6 wounded, 50 missing)

    Remarks: - One of the most accurate attacks of the war. Target completely washed out. Photographs of bombs bursting on target and billowing smoke one of the pictures of the war. Weather 5/10 to 8/10. Enemy air opposition was by far the worst yet experienced by this group, between 150 and 175 E/A attacked. Nearly all were FW 190 with a few ME 109's and two JU 88's reported. Encounters lasted one hour fifteen minutes and some crews reported as many as fifty attacks. Attacks from all sides. Flak at target was intense, accurate and a barrage type. Claims were 4 - 1 - 0.

  72. Hi My grandfather Joseph Dean Redenour was in the 8th air force,of the the 91st bomb group of the 324 bomb squadern he was a mechanic he worked B-17 and B-29 bombers two of which i recall are named betty lou's buggy and the Ritzy Blitz. everywhere i have looked there has been no pics of the whole crew, just the pilots and such. if there is anyone who was with him or knew him during that time or has any info about what other planes he worked on or any little info, or storys will be greatly, highly valued. my e-mail is

  73. Re: Joseph Redenour

    You can check out a crew of Betty Lou's Buggy at

    and Ritzy Blitz at

  74. Thank you for the infomation. I greatly appreciate it. gamera_forever

  75. to Randy

    sgt philip S Cardin
    he could not be indentify after the war
    and was burried together with the CP lt James Hill in Jefferson barracks National Cemetery on 27 april 1950


  76. sorry wrong emailadress
    it must be

    i about 150 MARC's of the 91th BG
    if somby need an MARC sent me an mail and if i have i'm glad to mail it


  77. To anyone that can help:

    My name is Greg Merkert and I am the only Grandchild of 2ndLt. Frederick W. Merkert Sr. (401st sq).

    My father, Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Merkert Jr. (only son of my Grandpa) is very sick and may not live much longer. My dad is a U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War and I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

    I am trying to put together a "Merkert Family Military History" for my son Johnathan, the only grandson of my Father and only Great Grandson of my Grandpa. I have very little information and no "service Photos" of my Grandpa. The only thing my Grandpa kept from his service were his Wings and a commendation letter from Gen. Doolittle, neither of which I have because my Aunt threw them away after my Grandpa passed away in 1999.

    I have aquired all of my dad's medals & awards from Department of The Army and I am trying to do the same for my Grandpa. I know he earned an Air Medal for one of his bombing runs & the Purple Heart for injury sustained in battle, but not much else as Grandpa had a hard time taking about his time in the Service.

    I believe Grandpa retired from the 8th USAF as a Major but I'm not sure. I would be very grateful to anyone here who could provide me with any information at all about my Grandpa, especially any personal accounts of/about/from the Men he served with. What the name of his B-17 was and any photos anyone might be able to share with me.

    I believe my Dad and my Grandpa have a great legacy and great Military legacy and I want my son to know who his Great Grandpa is and what he did for his Country and Family. I would like to be able to present it to my son before my Dad passes away.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide and I thank you all for your dedicated service to the U.S.A.

    Officer Greg Merkert
    ACCD Police Department, San Antonio, TX
    (210) 452-3831

  78. To Greg Merkert:

    For a start, you can get some info by searching the Dailies at In particular, search the 401st Dailies from 1943 & 1944. It helps to use the Search button on the 91st's main page.

  79. I'm looking for information about my uncle, Captain Bruce Dero Barton, who was a pilot in the 91st BG. He served in Europe from late 1942 through mid-1943, and received the Silver Star for 25 missions over Germany. I have a picture of him posing with his crew in front of the "Chief Sly II," which I have always assumed was his plane but I don't know for sure. Any informatin would be greatly appreciate. John M. Barton,

  80. My uncle, Joseph L Ritchey, was in this group and carried out 35 bombing missions in 1944. He was a pilot of the B17 Flying Fortress. He had a gunner by the name William Ratter, and he would like to know if he made it out and his wherabouts. Uncle Joe does not have access to the internet, but I will relay any information. Uncle Joe just turned 90 and he is very well, and living in San Jose, Ca.
    My email is:

  81. I was looking for any info. regarding Robert Goon. He's my grandfather. If anyone knows anything about him please contact me. Thanks!


  82. I am looking for any information on Lyman J. Schafer. he was my father. he was an engineer/belly turret gunner on a B-17 from 1943-1944 I have only some sketchy notes from a nearly destroyed not pad. He flew 30 missions on different ships. Dec. 31 1943 on "My Desire" ; Feb.4 1944 "Miss Ouhchita" ; Mar. 9 ship 580 "TheMerryWidow" ; the most common one I found only had a number: ship 909. I know it was not uncommon to be needed to fly on different planes but can anyone find out which crew and plane he was actually assigned too. Any information would be appreciated greatly.
    My email address is:

  83. My Dad, George Serafin, was I believe the belly-turret gunner on B-17 #42-3043 "Hitler's Gremlin" which was shot down or crashed into the North Sea after returning from a mission at Schweinfurt-Regensburg on August 17, 1943.

    Growing up, my Dad did not speak of his experiences very much. He passed away on October 13, 1999 and is interred at Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent Washington. A few years before he passied, he was contacted a couple times by someone making a documentary on WWII veterans, however he declined to be interviewed.

    My Cousin found a couple pictures at "" which is now defunct. Any information would be appreciated.

  84. Looking for info on the "Blitz Baby" apparently assigned to the 401st sqdrn. Also interested in dailies for the same squadron from 1945. Trying to research the career of Lt. Richard I Edwards who was a first pilot from Jan. through end of war.

  85. Hello, my dad is Wallace Jay Harpster and was a member of the 91st Bomb group, 322 Squadron, and pilot on the Madame Shoo Shoo near the end of the war. In fact he was one of the pilots on her last mission when they crash landed on a base that only days bfore Gen. Patton had captured. At least that is the story as I remember it. My dad is still alive, health wise Ok, but is having alot of short term memory loss.
    However, not of his time during his service to his country as a WWII B-17 pilot and those he served with. I have copied the Madame Shoo Shoo's log and will get that to him shortly. When I mentioned I had found this website, he asked if I would inquire if anyone had information on his navigator, John Boseworth (Bosworth). Wally and his wife celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary in August. They live in Florida and have since they moved down from Ohio, after his college graduation. They have a son and a daughter, Sally, that's me. If anyone would like to contact him, or have info on Mr. Bosworth, I can be reached at
    I was wondering if Jim Shepard has the names of the three airman sitting on a fence, on the opening page of the 91st bomb group blog. The middle airman looks just like my Dad, from pictures I have seen from those years.
    Thanks for any info that you might have.

  86. My father T-Sgt William J. Barrett was KIA on August 17,1943. He is referred to in the story about Stepntakit by Paul Laureys. I have successfully contacted him and recently received photos he took at the military cemetery. I was always told that his original crew was Man O War and just learned that that plane went down a few weeks before the Schweinfurt raid. I would like to connect with anyone who can tell me about my father. I'm from Pittsburgh PA and my Email address is

  87. Hi, I am looking for information on my grandfather, Elmer B. Russell. I know that he was a tail gunner on the Wicked Witch when it was shot down. His pilot was Eddie McKnight. He was at Dulag Luft-Onerursel. Any information about him or the other men he flew with would be greatly appreciated!!

  88. Hi'
    I'm transcribing the War Diary of my father for the year 1943.
    His name was Clarence Frank "Barnie" Barnard, Jr. from Laconia, New Hampshire.
    On Tues., August 10, 1943, he wrote, "Got the 91st up at 6:00AM and then had my breakfast. Talked with Alex about ratings."
    I know that he was stationed on the West coast of England at this time. Is anyone out there who could give me more information about the people he may have served with? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.
    Scott Barnard
    Asheville, North Carolina

    PS- I have pictures of Dad in uniform from the period if that might help.

  89. Just a word of thanks for the quick response on my posting Oct. 21st regarding Richard Edwards. The information was great and has been a big help in researching him. Anyone who may have known him is welcomed to email me.

  90. I am looking for information on Donald Velasquez who was part of the 91st. He went MIA 12/30/1942.
    I know is rank was S SGT,but what was his duty aboard the aircraft? I want to confirm if he was in fact a pilot?
    Proud Great-Niece of S Sgt Donald Velasquez

  91. RE: S SGT Donald Velasquez

    Here is my email:


  92. Diana -

    Click on the search button on the main page ( and then type in his name and enter. He appears in the Daily Reports as a Ball Turret Gunner (BT or BTG). Check it out.

  93. Charles - My father, Leonard "Buddy" Parrott, flew 19 missions with Richard Edwards as a tail gunner, mostly on Blitz Baby. I have lots of pictures, but don't know a lot of the stories. Dad is still living and his memory is fair :) I would love to hear what you know and what others have told you.
    Lisa Parrott Thurman

  94. My father, Carl H. “Mac” McVey, flew with Pilot 2nd Lt. Charles Early in the 91st BG, 322nd Squadron. He was the Flight Engineer / Top Turret. Their B-17 went down December 1, 1943. This is documented on this site and from the diary of Charles Early. Though, several of the crew were held at Stalag Luft 1, my father was held at Stalag Luft III according to National Archive records. That is all the information we have. If anyone has any more information about my father, it would be appreciated. He died in an accident in 1968 when we were very young. We know little about his time during WWII. David McVey.

  95. My Dad, Francis("Frank")H. DeFalco,from Brooklyn,NY, was a sergeant with the 91st bomb group, 322nd bomb squadron as a radio operator. He was based at Bassingbourn from about Oct or Nov of 1943 until some time in 1945. He initially flew as a radio operator on the B17s, then was assigned to the radio ground crew at the airfield. I don't know the name of the plane(s) he flew on, but if anyone knew him, I would appreciate hearing from you. He died in 1984 at the age of 66,of heart disease, and was a dentist in Brooklyn and the father of eight children. You can reach me at Regina DeFalco Lippert

  96. Hi, I'm looking for any information on the nose art for the Seattle Sleeper. My grandfather John Stevens flew on it and I'm recreating the plane as a gift for my mother.


  97. My uncle, Hobart Cotton, flew out of England during WWII. I'm wondering if this was his the unit he flew with. I was trying to get a copy of his DD214, but that didn't pan out. If anyone has any information that might help me, please contact me at:

  98. You have previously given invaluable information about my uncle Philip Cardin, who was flying in the Stup-n-Takit on April 4th, 1943, when it was shot down over Hamm, Germany. I am trying to find out what two medals he was awarded, but I have not been successful. Could you possibly help me with the names of these medals? Thank you, Randy Cardin,

  99. To Zimo, re: Boleslaw F Zmijewski (8/6/09) -

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    Your uncle Boleslaw F Zmijewski, was the Engineer/Top turret gunner on the Tilton crew and was in the 401st Bomb Squadron. We sent you the 401st Dailies via email. It contains the loading lists for the 401st.

  100. To Peter Ferrara, re: Frank J. Fusaro -

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    We found an entry about your uncle in the dailies of the 322nd. Go to and click on Dailies of the 91st or perform a search for his name using the search box on the main page.

  101. To Erik Karlon, re: Mark Weston -

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    Following seems to be the original Buchanan crew

    P 1st Lt. Buchanan, Charles M.
    CP 2nd Lt. Johnson, Harold E. E.
    NAV 2nd Lt. Henritzy, Paul A.
    BOMB 2nd Lt. Fredrickson, George A.
    ENG Top Turret T/Sgt. Weston,
    GUN Ball Turret S/Sgt. Cummings, Bova H.
    R-O Radio Gun T/Sgt. Harris, Samuel W.
    GUN Waist Guns S/Sgt. White, Elward L.
    GUN Tail Guns S/Sgt. Vanloo, Charles A.

    Of these crew members, we emailed you the phone numbers and addresses of the ones who currently belong to our 91st BGMA.

  102. Re: Jerome Damron, Jr.

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    Your dad was with the 401st of the 91st Bomb Group from when the Group first came to England. He was a member of the 401st ground crew and according to Jack Gaffney who prepared an article for our web page honoring all 401st ground crew , your dad acted as an Orderly for the 401st.

    Jack is a Ring participant and may contact you if he remembers Jerome. We also emailed you his email address.

  103. Re: Joseph Dean Redenour

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    We are sending your request to all our Ring participants and asking them if they have information on your grandfather, Joseph Dean Redenour. If they do they will send the information to you at your E-mail address

  104. Re: Joseph L Ritchey

    We are sending your request to all our Ring participants and asking them if they have information concerning the whereabouts of William Ratter. They have been in touch with many veterans and may be able to help you find him. If they do they will send the information to you at your E-mail address

  105. To: John M. Barton, re: Captain Bruce Dero Barton -

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    You must be very proud of your uncle for he was one of our legendary original pilots of our 322nd Bomb Squadron. His first mission was to bomb the German U-boat pens at Lorient, France. This was the seventh mission by the 91st Bomb Group out of the 340 missions they flew during WW II. His story tells the heroism shown by those crew members who flew these early missions.

    You can find more information in Ray Bowden's book, "Plane Names & Fancy Noses." After you read Ray Bowden's articles and read the 322nd dailies re your uncle and the B-17s he named, you will be even more cognoscente of what American veterans did to keep you free. After you read these writings, you will realize that the freedom we have wasn't free but bought with the blood, sweat and tears of young men in there teens and twenties and their families back home fearing the dreaded telegram.

  106. Re: Lyman J. Schafer -

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    Your Dad, Lyman J. Schafer, was in our 323rd Bomb Squadron. We emailed you a copy of the 323rd dailies which Ring participants took from hard to read microfiche and converted it by transcription to computer readable text.

    Unfortunately, the dailies do not include loading lists of crews for every mission

    We also emailed you a list of all the B-17s that flew in the 91st Bomb Group. At the top of his crew listing you will find a three digit number. This is the last three digits in the B-17 serial number his crew was flying that day. If you put the last three digits in this file's "Find" box, it will bring up the file on that B-17.

    We are sending your request to all our Ring participants and asking them if they have information that answers your question. If they do they will send the information to you at your E-mail address. Some of our Ring participants have complete loading lists and may be able to give you information on all of your dad's missions inclucing the B-17s in which he flew.

  107. Re: Lt. Richard I Edwards

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    Per your request, we emailed you a copy of the 401st dailies

    We also emailed you a list of all the B-17s that flew in the 91st Bomb Group. You will notice that no B-17 carries the name of Blitz baby. The B-17 flown most by Richard had 884 as the last three numbers in it's serial number. At the top of his crew listing you will find a three digit number. This is the last three digits in the B-17 serial number his crew was flying most missions. We emailed your request to all our Ring participants and asking them if they have information concerning a 401st B-17 named Blitz Baby to send the information to you at your E-mail address

  108. To Sally, re: Wallace Jay Harpster

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    Our members have transcribed the 4 Squadrons dailies from hard to read microfiche to computer readable text. We have checked your father's crew in the 322nd dailies and here are the names of all the officers on his crew:
    January, 1945
    Following officers assigned to Squadron:
    2/Lt Marvin L. Pearson (P),
    F/O Wallace J. Harpster (CP),
    2/Lt John C. Bosworth (N),
    F/O George G. Burnett (B)
    The enlisted men are not recorded.

    The 91st Bomb Group has a Memorial Association and I've checked it to see if any of these fellow crew men are in the Memorial Association. None of them are but there are two Burnett Life Members who could be children of George Burnett. I've emailed you their names and addresses.

    We are sending your request to all our Ring participants and asking them if they have information as to the address or whereabouts. If they do they will send the information to you at your E-mail address

  109. My name is Brandi Johnson and I recently posted requesting information on my grandfather Russell R. Senior. My grandfather passed away on December 6th and we are looking for some information.

    I recently found some pictures of the plane with nose art "Aloha". We have searched for this plane extensively and cannot find any information on this plane. Also there are names of people on the picture from the crew they are as follows:
    Pilot John Davis Lt.
    Co Pilot Ross Blake Lt.
    Navigator Joe McElroy Lt.
    Tailgunner Robert Gillmore Sgt.
    Right Waist Otho Johnson Sgt.
    Radio Operator Doyle T. Kimbrough Sgt.
    Asst. Engineer Ed Kowalski Sgt.
    Bombadier Antero (Tony) Coelho Lt.
    Engineer Russell R. Senior (my grandfather)

    If anyone has any information my family would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time. My email address is

  110. My father Albert Collins (14 years old at the time) worked as a civilian at Bassingbourn Barracks from 1944. He got to know a Jerome Steiner from the Bronx USA, he was a plumber on the base. Does anyone know what happened to him after the war please. Please send any details to Thank you

  111. I am looking for a picture of Capt James L. griffin, he was my mothers cousin and she does not have a picture. James was killed 5 days after the war ended in a p 47 joy ride. He was a major at the time. He flew 35 missions over germany most in plane AC656 as part of the 322 squad. If any one could send a picture and the name of the B17 she would really be happy. This is a great web site keep up the good work
    My e-mail is

  112. looking for information on Earl W. Donley who was on the plane called "My Baby" as it was shot down over Eisenach Aug 14, 1944.
    Does anyone know Earl?

  113. I am looking for any information about my father, Herbert H Sullivan. He was a member of the 91st bombardment group, 401st bombardment squandron. I believe he was in theater from March 29, 1945 to June 6 1945. I think he flew three missions on 4/15/45, 4/16/45 and 4/21/ is Thank you!!

  114. looking for information on lt syphard (navigator) in the 323 lost on may 13, 1943

  115. i have a photo of my grandfathers plane. it is the only picture i have attained with him next to a plane. i was wanting to know the plane name and number if possible. the picture was taking oct1, 1943- this may be a training plane. i would like info on it. email me if you are willing to help try and name this plane. my grandpa arnold williams was the pilot, james graham- bombadier, joe stuart navigator, harace nichols co-pilot, maurice shiles asst. radio, milton vaunika radio op, jermel maddox engineer, donald bartlett asst engineer, aldrich suluy tail gunner, albert romulis armor gunner.

  116. My uncle John W. Temple was the bombadier on Wheel and Deal when it was shot down Dec. 1st 1943. I've read what's on this site about Wheel and Deal and it's great stuff.
    I found out later a famous German ace, Hans Ehlers was credited with the shoot down. It was his 29th of 55. He shot down 20 B-17s. Ehlers was killed when he was shot down for the 13th time. I have his photo and a photo of the plane he was flying when he shot down Wheel and deal.
    What I don't have is a picture of Wheel and Deal.
    I'd appreciate any help in getting a photo of her and completing the story of my Uncle John's experience in the 91st.

  117. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  118. My Grandfather was Bernard "Bennie" Stellhorn and I am looking for any information about his experiences, people who knew him in the 91st. He passed when I was 12 and I am the only grandchild. I am facinated by WWII history, visiting Normandy in 2005. I can't ask him all the things I would love to ask so I am hoping someone on this blog can help. -Samantha

  119. Like many posts here I am looking for anyone that may have known or worked with my Grandfather. His name was Urban "Urb" Drella from Wisconsin. He was in the 322nd Ground Crew. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Email
    Ryan Nolan

  120. Hi! What a great site!
    I am hoping you will be able to help me in my search for a J.J. Jones? In 1942 he was in the 323 bomb squadron bomb group 91st. I have several love letters from him to my grandmother. The last letter is dated 8 Aug,1942. He signed most of his letters "Your Joe"

    Thank you for your time,

    Victoria Myers McPherson
    Topeka, Ks


  121. Hi, on the night of 24th October, 1944, a B17G of 322nd Sqn crashed near our village in Hertfordshire, England. The pilot was Lt. Don DeLisle and his ship was 43-38938. He ordered the crew to bale out and they landed safely, although the engineer, T/Sgt. John D. Carlisle, suffered a broken leg. Lt. DeLisle was the last to leave, but his 'chute failed to open and he was killed.
    Your excellent transcription of the 322nd's Dailies tells me something of these men - especially the heroic struggle of Lt. DeLisle and Sgt. Carlisle to bring 'Liberty Belle' back from Munich - but I'd also like to know about the rest of the crew.
    Does anyone have any information about or recollection of the men who flew 398 that night and what became of them? I'd also be interested to know about 398 and her career.
    My e-mail is
    Many thanks, Ray

  122. Correction, the B17 that crashed in Herts on 24th Oct. 1944 was 43-38398,

    Sorry, Ray

  123. I am looking for any information or recollections of S/S Michael T. La Medica. My brother was a crew member on the Texas Bronco. He was killed on a mission in Holland in 1944 but many of the crew survived. I being the youngest, still remember the day we received the telegram of his passing. Thank you for any memories you can share with me.

    Lori La Medica

  124. hi lora

    i adopted his grave on the cemetery of margraten in the netherlands
    he was killed on 4 feb 1943
    contact me at
    i can give you some info

    ron Raaijmakers
    the Netherlands

  125. Clark Ehrhardt JrMarch 27, 2010 at 1:54 PM

    I'm looking for any information about my father, Clark Ehrhardt. He was a tail gunner on the Luftwaffe's Waterloo. My mother said it's the Luftwaffe's Waterloo II but I can find no information at all on a II version.
    I did find a crew photo but the name listed for the tail gunner is a Ben Erhart. The man in the photo resembles my father but it's hard to tell.
    Thank you for any help provided

  126. Can anyone help? Looking for information regarding Lt Marco DeMara the pilot of B17 42-0009 DK-K of 324BS. He was killed when his aircraft crashed on 24th Jan 1944 whilst forming up for a raid. His aircraft crashed close to my home village in england. Would like and pics or details of his last resting place.
    Yours in anticipation
    Terry Betchley

  127. My father Gerald (Jerry) Ludwig was a gunner on a B-17 91st 324 bomb group out of Bassingsbourn. We would appreciate any information. He was color blind and participated in a study to see if color bliind gunners were better shots. I know his plane was the Liberty Bell and Quit Your Bitchen. He did talk about his time but I would be interest to know if any of his crew is alive.
    My e-mail is

  128. My great uncle Lt. Don Delisle was a pilot with the 91st bomb group. I have read a report about his ditching of the Liberty Belle in the North Sea in 1944. I would like any other information thaat anyone can give me about him. I know that he died on a night training mission 24 Oct 1944. Does anyone have any crew photos or information about other planes that he flew? Also there is a restored B-17 named the Liberty Belle that is touring the country. IS this the same plane my uncle flew. The report that I saw said that it sank in the North Sea. My email is

  129. Re: William J. Barrett

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    As you are aware, seven members of your dad's crew survived the mid air explosion of Stupntakeit lost on the 17 August 1943 mission to Schweinfurt, Germany. We have a 91st Bomb Group Memorial Association and we checked it's roster to see if any of these seven crewmen belong to it but none do.

    We are sending your request to all our Ring participants, some of whom are 8th Air Force historians and authors with copious files, and asking them if they have information about the whereabouts of any of these crewmen. If they do they will send the information to you at your E-mail address, with a copy to me for my files.

  130. Re: Elmer B. Russell

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    Your grandfather was in our 323rd Bomb Squadron and, as you say, The tail gunner on the McKnight crew. We have condensed down the MACR for this crew to what we call our Casualty Report. You will find it attached to my e-mail as the attached copy when downloaded is much easier to read. You will note that six members of his crew were KIA while only three including your grandfather survived to become POWs.

  131. Re: Donald Velasquez

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    Your great uncle was a true hero, flying in combat during the most dangerous part of the 8th Air Force strategic battle to destroy Hitler's means of conducting the war. He was a ball turret gunner, a position that required a great deal of courage in as much as the turret was so small that the gunner could not wear a parachute while in it. To bail out, he had to turn the ball turret to the position where the hatch would open into the fuselage then get out of the turret and attach his parachute.

    On 30 December 1942 on a mission to bomb U-boat pens at Lorient, France, in our B-17 "Short Snorter," his B-17 was lost five minutes after bombing the target. With # three engine on fire, it was seen to explode over the Atlantic and though two chutes were seen to open, none of the air crew survived. The crew of ten men were Missing in Action. His B-17 was the fifth B-17 to be MIA by the 91st Bomb Group out of the 197 B-17s MIA by the 91st during WW II.

    Be very proud of your great uncle Donald. Freedom isn't free. He gave the rest of his very short life so that you could live in freedom.

  132. Re: Carl H. “Mac” McVey

    Posted for Mike Banta (324th Sq.) & 91st BG email ring.

    We have composed Casualty Reports on all 91st B-17 crews MIA and have one for the father's mission of December 1943 to bomb industrial plants in Leverkusen, Germany but weather forced the group to bomb the secondary target at Solingen.

    The group encountered heavy fighter attacks prior to the target and at the target they encountered heavy flak. The 91st Group lost five of their B-17s that day some to fighters and some to flak. And of course, as you know, your father's B-17 was one of those MIA.

    We emailed you our Casualty report condensed from MACR 1320. This tells that they were flying in an unnamed 91st Bomb Group B-17 from our 322nd Squadron with radio call letters LG M and contains information as to what happened that day to your father's crew.

    We attached a copy of the 322nd dailies which Ring participants took from hard to read microfiche and converted it by transcription to computer readable text.

  133. Greetings all,

    It is with much sadness I relay to you SSgt John H. Coomes, 322 SQ, Waist Gunner "Dame Satan II" passed away approx. 1330 EST 15 April 2010. He is survived by his wife Elaine and 5 children John Jr, Jeanne, Carla, Thelma, and Sandra. 8 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren. He was interred at Evergreen Cemetery in Killingworth CT with military honors 19 April 2010.

    SSgt William Cardinal
    Nellis AFB NV

  134. Looking for information and a photo of the B-17G "Mary Kay" SN -4239967, 324th Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group. Infornmation and photo if available is for a friend -no relation - with an attachment to one of the crew - not sure of who.

    Thank you all for a great site and for giving us our freedoms today. GOD BLESS one and all!

    Richard W. Taylor
    M/Sgt. USAF, Retired (1963-1983)
    Houghton Lake, MI 48629

  135. Wie kan mij helpen!!Wij hebben in Margraten de naam geadopteerd in de wall of missing van ssgt edward h jones 322 bomb sq 91 bomb gp/h reg 32372326 staat new york.Wie kent hem? Wie heeft een foto van hem.Graag contact met
    C.van Mosseveld
    Goudvinkweg 5 Venlo Nederland

  136. I'm looking for information on my uncle T/Sgt Walter Boenig, Tail gunner and Waist gunner for the 91st, 401st. I'm particularly interested in the missions he flew on, how many, dates, etc.

  137. I am collecting information and stories about the WWII veterans in our city for our local historical society. One of our veterans flew as
    the radio/gunner aboard the B-17 "My Desire". His name is Ralph Crane. I am not sure if he was aboard "My Desire" on it's final flight. I know that Ralph Crane survived the war, so he may be one of the survivors that Duncan Massey was looking for from "My Desire". Mike Bantha sent Mr. Duncan a MACR regarding the final flight of "My Desire". I would like a copy of that MACR and any additional information you have regarding "My Desire" or the radio/gunner Ralph Crane.

    Thanks, Geoff

  138. My email address is


  139. I am searcjomg for anyone that recalls or has family connection to any of the crew on Pandora's Box. I lost a brother S/Sgt.
    Doyt L. Watson. Home town: Salisbury, NC. He was killed on Nov. 23, 1942 on mission to St. Nazaire, France. I did extensive searches several years ago, but not much available. Seems there is so much more to find currently. What a treasure it would be to find anyone that is a sibbling or family of anyone flying on Pandora's Box. S/N 41-24503, B-17F-15-BO,
    BS 324. My email address:

  140. I am trying to track down information about the plane and crew that my dad flew with in WW II. His name was Robert F. Donohue, and he was a navigator. He was part of the 323rd Bomb Squadron. I believe he was assigned to the 323rd in late November or early December 1944, and stayed through the end of the war. If you happen to know his plane or the name of his pilot or crewmembers, would you let me know. Thanks. Jim

  141. This is a follow up to the request for plane and crew information involving Robert F. Donohue. My return email address is Thank you. Jim

  142. I’m the grandson of Technical Sergeant George Witt, who served as radio operator for the Nine-O-Nine from March of 1945 through the end of the war in Europe, when the Nine-O-Nine was piloted by Lieutenant Russell Blanchet. Back then my grandfather’s name was George Kwasniewski (he changed it after the war). I’m interested in learning about the other men who served on the same crew.

    Any information you can provide would be helpful—names, where they were from, etc. My email address is

    Thank you!

  143. I am David J. Lord ,brother of Lt. Col. Marvin D. Lord KIA 3 Feb. 1945 in a raid over Berlin.
    Marvin was Group Leader on A/C No. 632 and took Manny Klettes place on that day .
    One account of the raid was : Target : Communications center and another account in the 91st. casualty list states : Target: Berlin Ger Railroad Marshalling yards.
    Mr.Shepherd I believe you were on this mission and saw Marvin's aircraft go down and would you tell me which target was being bombed.
    Also ,Marvin was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action on a raid Dec 20( year??) against Bremen,Germany and where can I find more info on the official wording of the citation and year?? It's my info he was a Major at the time and had his A/C named "Big Time Operator".
    Thank You David J. Lord Sr.

  144. I am looking for anyone who may have known or have information about my father, Charles Frederick Crowgey. He was assigned to the 8AAF,91BG in England 1943-45.He was enlisted and in intelligence. Unfortunately, this is all I know of his military service. If anyone out there knew him or anything about him (good or bad) please e-mail me at Thank you.
    His son, Charles F. Crowgey, Jr.

  145. I am looking for information regarding Francis "shorty" Trahan. Francis (ball turret gunner) was shot down on 857 on May 21 1943 and became a POW. The pilot was Jack Miller and copilot was Roscoe Black. I have found an amazing amount of information already on the website, and was particularly struck by the very personal account by Mike McClanahan. Hopefully Mike is still involved with the 91st BG.
    I am looking on behalf of Francis Trahan's son, Gary and the rest of his family.

  146. I'm doing some research on my great uncle Walter E. Forest. I have yet to find him on any rosters but have a newspaper clip listing him as an aerial gunner on a B-17. From his registration card I know he signed up on Sept. 2, 1942. His hometown was Pueblo, Colorado. Walter died Aug. 9, 1977 in Sacramento, California. If anyone in the 91st BG has any info please send it my way.

  147. My uncle and godfather, Laurent "Larry" Lamy, served with the 323rd Bomb Squadron as a waist gunner and aerial engineer on "Out House Mouse" between Jan 1945 and when the aircraft returned home to the US after the war ended in Europe. I cannot find reference of him on the 91st Bomb Group web site and wondered if anyone may remember him. He died on 8 Jan 2009 and only talked about his war experience once to his grandson who wrote an interesting recollection of his war experiences. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Perry Lamy

  148. I am looking for anyone who remembers my father MSgt Woody Marshall. He was a crew chief in the 324th Ground Crew on Red Alert/Dear Becky and Skunkface III.
    His photo can be seen at
    Also see
    Is there a listing of the planes that were assigned to the 324th?
    Thanks, John Marshall, Kent, WA.

  149. Lt Elmer T. Perry, JR., 8th Air Force, 401st Bomb SQ, 91st Bomb Grp. Looking for information on Lt. Perry, he survived the war and stayed in the Air Force and served in Korea where he was a Major and retired in 1963 as a LT Col. He passed away in December 2009 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. His parents Elmer T.Perry Sr. and Ora Isabel Hilton Perry were my great aunt and uncle. I am looking for plane Serial #, crew, photos, etc. There is a video "Wing and a Prayer" that features him on UTube and that gave me some more information. Any help would be helpful, Thanks!

    Linda C. Mustion

    PS: I am a follower of this blog.

  150. My great grandfather was Roy A Wright. He died in war in January 1944. He was in the 322nd BG. I was just wondering if there was anyone who may have known him and have stories they may be able to tell me. I know this is a long shot, but i thought it woud be worth a try. Thank you!
    Tiffany Wright

  151. I am looking for information anyone who knows T Sergeant Sebastian Scavello Aircraft 42-5337: "SHORT SNORTER III" call letters 401 LL-JAll the crew were lost on 17 April 1943 while on Mission 34 targeting
    Focke-Wulf-190 aircraft factory at Bremen; ditched into the North Sea due to damage from German Fighters or Flak. On that
    fateful day the Crew were: Pilot - 2nd Lt. Nathan F. Lindsey - MIA/missing
    in action; Co-Pilot - 2nd Lt. George Slivkoff - MIA; Bombardier - 2nd Lt.
    Albert Dobsa - POW/eus (prisoner of war returned to the zone of interior);
    Navigator - 2nd Lt. Rocco J. Maiorca - POW/eus; Radio Operator -T/Sgt.
    Lawrence J. Brandenburg - MIA; Top Turret Gunner - T/Sgt. Sebastian
    Scavello - MIA; Waist 2 Gunner - S/Sgt. Victor L. Hamrick (my uncle) - MIA;
    Ball Turret Gunner S/Sgt. Joseph A. Rekas - MIA; Tail Gunner - S/Sgt.
    Anthony J. Roy - MIA; and Waist 1 Gunner - S/Sgt. Alvin T. Schippang - MIA.

    If anyone has photos or other information please send me an e-mail

  152. My name is William D. Bonezzi. I am looking for anyone who may have known one T/SGT William Patrick Gilpin, who was a radio/gunner on a B-17 Flying Fortress, called Skunkface III. His plane was shot down over Dresden Germany April 17, 1945. He was a member of the 91st Bomb Squadron. He was my father. If you knew him, associated with him or have photos of him-- Please notify me via e-mail:

    Thank you so much!

  153. Hello! I'm looking for information or photographs about the 324th bomber squadron, and specifically Pandora's Box or Duane L. Jones. He was my great-uncle and I want to make sure he's not forgotten. Thank you.

  154. Oh, and my email address is Thanks!!

  155. Hello, I am looking for information on S/Sgt. Milton Wauneka of the 401st Squadron 91st Bomb Group. `

  156. Because the July 12, 1973 fire at the National Personnel Records Center destroyed approximately 16-18 million Official Military Personnel Files, I have indexed the men listed on the various documents I have of my father’s service. I am searching for anyone looking for records on those 900 men so I can provide copies. F/O Marion H Havelaar is listed on Special Order Number 288 dated 4 December 1943. I would like to send a scanned copy of the order to F/O Havelaar or his next of kin if he is no longer living. An email address would be most appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Christopher W. Ames
    Son of Capt Jay W. Ames, 447th BG

  157. Hello,

    I write you from Belgium and; sorry, my english is not fantastic !
    I would like to have informations and pictures from the teamwi of the aiplane with S SGT Donald W PUBENTZ 323 Bomb Sq - 91 Bomb GP (H) death APRIL 17,1945.
    I'm his Godfather in the american cemetery in NEUVILLE EN CONDROZ in Belgium.
    Can you helpp me ?
    Thank you ;

    Sebastien Fontaine



    Thank you

    Sebastien FONTAINE

  159. Just found this page the other day and shared it with my 88 YO Dad. he flew 35 missions with the 322nd sq. 91st bg as a RO. T/Sgt Alfred P Murphy. His 17 was the 'Big Gas Bird' often mis identified as Biggest Bird (there are two crew pictures on another site one of each). His brother flew out of the 303rd.

    8 years back I took my Dad and sister on a B 17 Flight out of Willow Run MI on the Yankee Lady....what a ride. Memories.

    Thanks for having this site and all of the very valuable information.

    Mark Murphy

  160. Hello,
    I am trying to find out if my father's cousin James M. Mounts was a member of the 91st and some information on where and when he was shot down over Germany. I believe he is listed as a POW at Stalag Luft I and those records show him as 1st Lt. James M Mounts. The records also show him as from the 91st and from a B-17. That is all I can find. This was a distant member of our family that my grandfather lost touch with during the war. My father does not remember him at all but does remember that he had a cousin that was in the war and was shot down. This is all the information I have. Any information would help in my research.

    Thank you for an informative site.

    Donald Mounts

  161. Dear Reader,

    I’m the author of the book „Not Home for Christmas“ describing th 34 heavy bomber crews of the Mighty Eighth who did not return to their bases after the mission of Sunday, November 26, 1944. One of these bombers crashed behind our house in Nazi-occupied Holland.

    I’m now researching the mission of Saturday, April 29, 1944. The 91st lost one crew that day:

    Type: B-17G Serial: 42-31353 „Queenie“

    MACR: 4236 Air Base: Bassingbourne

    Pilot: 1Lt. James F. Purdy, Jr., KIA
    Co-Pilot: 2Lt. John P. Garfield, POW
    Navigator: 2Lt. Paul P. Bunchuk, POW
    Bombardier: 2Lt. John R. Welch, POW
    Engineer: T/Sgt.William O. Fischer, KIA
    Radio: S/Sgt. Emile Bianchi, POW
    Ball-Turret: S/Sgt. Louis S. Carusello, KIA
    Waist-Gunner:S/Sgt. George L. Johnson, KIA
    Waist-Gunner: S/Sgt. Donald R. Itschmer POW
    Tail-Gunner:S/Sgt. Raymond A. Rybarski, KIA

    5 KIA, 5 POW

    Target: Berlin Friedrichstrasse Railway Station Crash Site: Berlin Kladow Time: 11.42

    I would very much like to get in contact with the survivors of this crew and/or members of their families or family members of those who lost their lives. I would like to incorporate their stories in my new book.

    Who can help me in locating these people? Many thanks in advance.

    John Meurs
    Im Gubel 5
    CH-8630 RĂ¼ti ZH
    Switzerland. e-mail

  162. Does anyone recognize the name of Lawrence Albert Love possible stationed Banabourne or at Wiltshire England. He was link trainer or synthetic trainer operator instructor during WWII.

  163. A salute to you all on Veterans Day!
    So glad you started this blog, as my computer crashed and I lost most of the wonderful information you sent me about my dad.
    I reprint here the story I wrote about you in the Anna Maria Island (Florida)Sun on Father's Day, 2008:
    What did you do in the war, Daddy?
    What started as a simple question has turned into an unlikely cadre of pen pals.
    Ironically, it’s the U.S. Department of Defense that is credited for inventing the Internet, which is how a group of 90-something, computer-savvy World War II veterans helped me find out just exactly what my Dad did in the war.
    Twenty years ago, the Internet and email were as foreign to most newsrooms as a non-smoking area.
    Twenty years ago, I had just lost my Dad to lung cancer and was trying to learn how to arrange his Army Air Corps medals from World War II in the proper order.
    Like many veterans, Dad didn’t talk much about what he did in the war; he just enjoyed to the hilt every sunny day that he could play golf. I guess you don’t take the simple things for granted after flying over Nazi Germany 25 times.
    All I knew for sure is that Dad flew B-17s, but without the Internet, looking for his military records proved to be more challenging than any investigative reporting.
    Dad had been in the 91st Bomb Group, 323rd Squadron in Bassingbourne, England. After traveling there to see the airfield and the white cliffs of Dover for myself, hitting the books, watching every World War II movie ever made and riding in the radioman’s seat in a restored B-17 over Anna Maria Island, I figured I’d covered the bases.
    Then, just before Memorial Day two weeks ago, a family member emailed me with a simple question - what squadron was Dad in?
    As I looked it up in my records, I noticed something I had overlooked; “Ardennes” was listed among Dad’s battles and campaigns. Reporters being the curious type, I looked it up on the Internet - the first time I had attempted any military research since computers replaced cigarettes in newsrooms.
    It referred to the Battle of the Bulge. He never mentioned that.
    One thing leads to another online, and soon I was on a website for the 91st Bomb Group Memorial Association, a gang of “gray-haired wonders” just like in the Air Force song, who happen to have Washington Post-caliber research skills.
    At 1704 hours, I sent the message. At 1955 hours they sounded the equivalent of an email air raid siren and started scrambling. At 2024 hours, Mike Banta became the first of my new virtual pen pals.
    “Your e-mail has been sent to us for answer. We are the participants in the 91st Bomb Group E-mail Ring… We represent all periods of time that the 91st was active and so some of us can answer almost any question.”
    It’s no wonder we won the war.
    Within four days, four vets made contact. Ray Bowden sent a list of four battles that Dad was in, including Nuremburg. Lowell Getz sent a list of serial numbers for several planes Dad had flown. Turns out you can cross reference the serial numbers and find the plane names, then get photos of the crews and the nose art – the mascot painted on the nose of the plane – at the association website.
    Mr. Getz found a mission in which Dad had flown the squadron lead, an honor or a curse depending on your point of view. He also told me about a book he wrote on the last mission of the war in Europe, available on the Internet, which he discovered Dad had participated in.
    Then I got the email that was right on target.
    “Your father, 2nd Lt. (later Capt.) John Barczak, I can faintly remember,” wrote Marion C. Hoffman, age 85. “Considering 64 years of time and suffering the consequences of being shot down and incarcerated as a POW, my mind does not function well anymore,” he wrote.
    I’d say it’s working just fine, Mr. Hoffman.
    Thanks for bringing my Dad back this Father’s Day.
    Three cheers for the Internet.
    And long live the 91st.

  164. I am looking for any information about my Dad, his name is PFC Raymond Story, his name I believe was misspelled in the dailies as Scory. He transferred into the 401st Squadron on 20 Mar 1944I don't know much about his time there and as he died in 2009, I am trying to find out more. Thank you. My email is and my name is Raymond B. Story

  165. I gave the incorrect email address earlier. The correct address is

  166. Looking for information on any members of Edward C. Gates crew.

    Thank you
    Wilson O'Neal

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  168. my names Dannny Wrightsman age 26 grandson of s/sgt wanye c. wrightsman.

    he was part of the mary lu crew. he was the bombardier and if any more info could be given to me i was young when he passed away and i am looking for more info on him. my dad passed away a few weeks ago and went threw his old stuff and found this paper that had the info about my gandfathers WW2 bomber plan (its a paper about shooting down a enemy aircraft).

    my emails

  169. Hello all you brave Vets,
    Looking for information on my grandfather Jack Pajet. He was a Tailgunner on a B-17 Bomber that was shot down over Germany. He was in the 91st. bomber group and the name of the plane was Destiny's Child. Would Like to learn more about him. Thnx, Glickie


  170. Trying to get information for myself as well as the grandchildren of Carl C. Colletti,Tech/sargent,turrant gunner with the Eigth. I think on the Berlin First is all I remember him mentioning.I recall seeing boxes of medals hidden he thought we didn't know about but we did. Boys hear from family my dad was a hero, I always knew that.Life Magazine 1944 has picture pages 34&35 of my dads hand being shook.Would like full picture if possible? Also any other information from others who might still be alive or relatives who can provide anything about my dad. I not only lost my dad, but a best friend. Anything I can pass on to my boys to keep dads memory alive I want to do. Thank all you brave men and women who fought for our freedom..God Bless you

  171. I'm looking for information on my father's time as a member of the 324th Bomb Wing as a navigator. He was part of a crew that included Monte Crosa and Charlie Falkenmayer. He may have been on the Irish Lassie or the Ruptured Duck. He never talked much about his time in the service. Daddy passed over in 1973. If anyone here has any information or memories of him I would greatly appreciate to see it. I can be reached at

  172. Bonjour,
    Je cherche des informations sur une personne dont je parraine la tombe.
    Il s'agit de:2 Lieutenant Thomas C.Jr. Bulter
    322 Bomb Sq / 91 Bomb Gp Heavy.
    Si quelqu'un peut me donnez des informations sur cette personne, je vous laisse mon adresse hotmail: et mon adresse
    D'avance, je vous remercie.

  173. I am trying to find information about my grandfather, Leo W. Fontaine. Any information you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ...

  174. I'm trying to look up information about my grandfather Lt. Col. Robert P. Hare III. I've found his name mentioned only in a couple of things, but if I can, I'd like to find pictures and/or what crew he served with and anything else about him so that I can make it a present for my mother (his daughter).

    Thanks in advance,
    Curtis Norton


  175. Bonjour,

    I would like to get in touch with family or relatives of Lt Raymond J. MURPHY from 324th Bomb Squadron and navigator on Lt James C. CATER’s B-17 bomber the 28th of April 1944. This day there their plane was shot down by German Flak during a mission onto the Avord airfield, France. Murphy is hidden a few weeks by French underground before being returned to England by a RAF pick-up mission during the night of August 5-6, 1944.
    (I am acting like a go-between for the son of the French family which hid Lt. Murphy.)

    Best regards from France,

  176. Sorry, I forgot my address in the above message.
    My address: (Please, replace AT by @, thanks)

    All the best,

  177. Is there anyone who has knowledge of Lt John M Perritt who flew REBEL'S REVENGE when stationed in England in 1943?

    Rebel's Revenge was downed after an attack on Emden Industrial site, Germany, on September 27th 1943. Two crew were rescued and made POW. Another was listed as MIA. Perritt didn't survive.

    Lt Perritt was with the 323 Sq assigned to the 91st BG. I would very much welcome any information about this Squadron's first arrival in the UK and when Lt Perritt arrived in England from the USA for active duty. I can be contacted by e-mail at:

  178. I am inquiring for a friend who is looking for information on his father, Jack Howard Cassell. He was a crew member in the 401st division on "The Heat is On" from '42-'45 - based in Roycton, England - and in the 82nd Airborn from '46-'49.

    Many thanks for any assistance you can offer.

  179. Hello everyone,

    I'm hoping someone might be able to give me a big of help/advice - it would be much appreciated. I'm trying to trace details of my Grandfather, who has now passed away. Im really keen to find more about him and his family who sadly lost contact with my Grandmother after the war. He was from Washington and based at Bassingbourn during WW2 and his name was Milton Brown. I would love to find out anything about him and see some pictures.

    Thank you


  180. Bairbre Gaynor-RyderFebruary 2, 2011 at 7:22 PM

    My Dad, Robert G. Gaynor was in the 91st bomb group, 323 squadron out of Bassingbourne, UK. His first plane was "Man O" War", (Chuck Bennett crew)then the second "Stupentakit." Shot down on the way to the Schweinfurt raid. Last one out of the plane, I think only 2 survivors.Badly wounded, sent to occupied Belgian Hosp then sent to POW camp Stalag 17.Any info about him or his crewmates greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  181. Hi,

    I am trying to find a living family member of TSgt John P. Quinlan, tail gunner on the B-17 "Memphis Belle". I am creating a tribute to Quinlan on my web site, and I am missing a few pieces of information to make his tribute historically accurate (specifically, trying to find his date of discharge and a list of his decorations awarded in the Pacific later in the war).


    Erich Anderson
    Veteran Tributes Founder

  182. I am trying to find out if my grandfather (Taylor Robert Beynon)served in the 91st or 94th bomb groups. All i know is that he was a master seargent and his aircraft were B-17's with an "A" on the tail. Any info would be appreciated. Many thaks. J.Beynon

  183. Hello, as are a lot of folks i'm looking for info on my Father. I don't know which squadron he flew with, but I do have pics from the b-17 he flew in, it was Chief Sly II. He was stationed in Germany, but I have very few records other than pics. I have a 2 ft long pic of a b-17 with a hundred or more servicemen posing under and across the front. His name was Hugh Piper. I wasn't sure if there was a different crew for chief sly II and III. Any info appreciated. send any to Thanks!

  184. Thank you for a wonderful site. I am a community historian trying to compile an appropriate remembrance of our fallen warriors. I need help with this one: Lt. Thomas A. Stricker A/C O-661571 401 Bomb Sqdn 91st Bomb Gr. APO 634 c/o P. M. New York City.
    There is no remaining family. We have this quote from the local newspaper at the time: "Thomas Stricker Talks From London. The voice of Lt. Thomas Stricker was heard from London Sunday evening (17 January 1943) on the Soldiers Hour over the network. Many from Kiron listened in when Tommy came on the air.
    Lt. Stricker, a co-pilot, took over the plane when the pilot was shot. They were returning from an air raid. Their Plane was crippled but Stricker landed it safely across the channel.
    Lt. Stricker is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Stricker of Kiron. He has been with the American Forces in England for some time."
    Not long after, the newspaper reported him missing in action as of 26 Feb 1943. The paper in their Dec 1943 Christmas list of all local servicemen reported no further word had been received. No local cemetery burial site was recorded. Are there any military specifics you can provide that would allow us to personalize a remembrance of Tommy -- plane, crew, location, mission, etc.? Thanks, Glenn Gustafson,

  185. Re: Thomas Stricker

    You can find additional info (dates, A/C, injury, other crew members) on the 91st BG website at
    Type Stricker in the 'find' box and enter to search. That should pull up all areas of the text with Stricker.

    Jim Shepherd, Jr.
    91st BG Webmaster

  186. I am looking for any information on my Uncle Captain Thomas Bolton McCormick who went MIA on November 23rd 1942. He was the Co-pilot of the Sad Sack that was said to have been shot down over St.Nazaire. Any help would be appreciated.I would love to see a picture of his plane, B-17 F41 24479

  187. Hello,
    I'm looking for information on my grandpa, Gale Haderlie. He said he flew with this unit from mid-1944 to the end of the war in 1945. If anyone has any information about his plane or his crew, please let me know. Thanks

  188. Hello,

    I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with a photo of the MARY KAY airplane, it's crew and more specifically a photo of CHARLES L. JOCHMANN (KIA crash march 18 - 1944).

    Thank you very much.

    (from Holland)

    email :

  189. Hi i am looking for information and pictures if possible for a freind her father was a radio op in a b17 at basingbourn his name was rudy lopez. The b17s number was bg-h 4229711 it was shot down near sweden all crew were killed seven men were recoverd three never found rudy was one of the three. It went down on 9th oct 1943 she never met her father as she was due to be born three months after his death.he was in 322nd squadron and as far as she can remember the pilot was pining and co pilot was tomer. Email.

  190. Hi further to my question i sent on march 29th the name i stated was missing the radio opps last name his full name was rudy lopez olague.

  191. I am looking for any more information on my father Robert A Mueller of Wood Ridge NJ. He was a tail gunner on the Spirit of 44. There is some information in this great site but if anyone has more I'd love to hear from you.
    Lynn Human (nee Mueller)

  192. Hi there I would like to know if there is any information on an airman stationed at Bassingbourne in 1944. I know very little about him his name was Robert Carnevale and he came from Boston I know that he had a sister who was into nursing in Boston at the same time[if this helps]outside of this I know very little apart from reading the postings on the ragged irregulars ! I would like to make contact with this person or his siblings. I can be reached on -

  193. Hi there,

    I'm trying to get some information about S Sgt Alvin T. Schippang. I adopted his name on the Wall of Missing at the American Cemetery Margraten (The Netherlands).
    I know he was a Waist 1 gunner on the B17 called Short Snorter III. Any information and pictures are very welcome!

    Please contact me at

  194. Looking for information on S. Sgt. Raymond A. Rybarski who was crew on "Queenie" and died in a combat mission over Berlin, Germany on April 29, 1944. It appears by the casualty list that only one other crew member was killed. So I think the plane got back to the UK and it notes that he was buried in the USA. But there seems to be no mention of him if anyone knows anything please contact me at Thank you so much!

  195. For Sucrea Hutchinson

    My doctor, now retired, was the Wicket Witch's Navigator Peter M. Chamberlain. Email me at or call me at 1-818-956-8553 and I can put you in contact with Pate. His mind is sharp as a tack and may be able to help you

  196. I am looking for information on Martin Brook who was in crew 3276 ( I think that was also the name on the plane) in the 91st 324 Squadron. Dick Kahler

  197. My name is Benjamin H Yarborough, II. My Dad was Lt.Benjamin H Yarborough. He was stationed in Bassingbourne March-August 1944. He was a navigator with the 401st and flew with John L Black's crew.
    Years ago I established contact with Bernie E. Stanton, left waist gunner of the crew. We corresponded for a few months but then the transmissions stopped coming.
    I am interested in hearing from anybody that may have known or flown with my Dad.
    Thank you.
    Ben Yarborough (

  198. My uncle was 1/Lt. John (Jack) T. Evins who was copilot for Capt. Dwyer on the Stupen-Taket, and then later lost his life when the Vulgar Virgin was shot down. I am trying to find out any additional information I can about Uncle Jack. My father (Robert Evins) compiled, prior to his death last year, his WWII memoirs of his service in the 36th Division – 141st Infantry. I decided to add a chapter about his brother Jack. I was stunned that so much information was available online. So, my chapter is turning into a book in its own right. Thank you for such a wonderful website! My only regret is that I didn’t find out this detailed information about Uncle Jack prior to my father’s death. My father would have been so amazed.

    I’m curious, are there any records of the crews credited with the various sorties for the 323 (1942 thru May 1943)? That information would help clarify identification of a couple of pictures I have. Also, I have found excerpts from Capt. Maas’s combat diary…is the complete diary available somewhere? You can understand why I would be very interested in reading that. Any information you can throw my way would be greatly appreciated.

    For the picture you have online of the Stupntakit, my uncle John T. Evins is in the back row furthest right.

    Best Regards,
    Barbara Lorenz

  199. I am the historian of the 42-97292 "Bachelor's Bride."
    This B-17G crashed in June 25, 1944 at Bilbao, Spain during a mission in Toulouse, France.
    The crew consisted of:

    Pilot: 1stLt. Ferrall K. Goodrich
    Co-pilot: 2ndLt. Stanley T. J. Spencer
    Navigator: 1stLt. John P. Smith,
    Bombardier: F/O Harold R. Kurrus
    Engineer: Sgt. William V. Zura
    Ball turret gunner: S/Sgt William A. Fann
    Radio operator : Sgt. Jesse J. Craghead
    Waist gunner: S/Sgt Edwin G. Braun
    Tail gunner: S/Sgt John F. Callaghan
    Navigator (not for the mission) : 2ndLt. Donald L. Brazones

    All information about this airplane or the crew would be appreciated.

    Please visit my website dedicated to this airplane:

    Thank you !